May 26, 2014

Time for some more random pictures from around the Northland.  We saw our first bear last week.  Not a big one, but it looks like it wintered well.  It's not the best picture because it was getting dark and I was shooting through 3 panes of glass.
Here's one of it walking away when it found the feeders were all empty.
Things have really greened up in the last few days and lots of wild flowers are blooming now.  I guess when the temperatures get into the 80's it's bound to happen! 
We found out why one of our favorite back roads is still closed.  Two ponds became one and we weren't about to drive through it to get to the other side like the ATV driver did.
We drive by several different eagle nests and I was finally able to get a picture with one of the parents nearby.  That nest is HUGE!
These Ring-Necked ducks probably have a nest nearby also.  They didn't want their pictures taken.
And speaking of nests...tonight while we were eating supper, I noticed a female oriole fly into the tree right in front of the cabin.  Well low and behold, she's building a nest up there!  I really wish I'd noticed it sooner, it should be fun to watch.

That's all for now!


Nancy said...

So much going on up there. Bears an birds and wow, an eagle!