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Busy Barney the Beaver

This is the reason Jim put wire fencing around our trees down by the pond.  P1080729 Look at the size of that stump!  And there’s not a branch left on it either.   This tree was growing on our neighbor’s property, but now it’s being used as food for the beavers and material to build up the dam.  Darn that Barney!

The other morning I saw him swimming across the pond with a leafy branch dragging behind him.  It was a really pretty time of day…steam rising off the pond and the sun shining on the trees in the background.  I liked the picture of it so much I sent it into the local TV station and they used it on their weather segment the next morning.  Now I’ve had my 15 seconds of fame to go along with the 15 minutes I had this summer.P1080607Sure glad to see so many Space friends coming over to Blogger.  I really don’t trust Windows Live anymore.  I moved all my stuff over to Wordpress, but it’s just so I have it in storage somewhere.  I don’t plan on using that blog at all.   I like Blogger and so many other apps that Google provides.   Picasa for photo editing and online albums, I use Google Docs so I can access certain documents no matter where I am, Google Reader for all my RSS feeds and I love Gmail and all of it’s features.  MSN has some nice things, like Live Writer, but that’s about the only app of theirs I use anymore.

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The Dummond Woods

Back when we were working we always took the last week of September off so we could get out and enjoy all of fall’s splendor.  We use to rent a cabin and go fishing in north east Wisconsin.  But after buying our cabin, we fell in love with all the fall color and everything else right here. 

Earlier this summer we stopped in the little town of Drummond and thought it would be a neat place to revisit in the fall.  Today’s weather was perfect for playing tourist and a nice drive.  So off to Drummond we went!  There’s not much of a town there today, but back in the late 1800’s it was a booming company logging town.   Just outside of town is a stand of virgin pine and hemlock that thankfully was left for all to see.  We walked the trail that encircles the giant trees and really enjoyed ourselves.  P1080659These trees are so big, it was hard to get pictures showing just how gigantic they really are.  But here’s a few of our attempts to get the perspective of their size.

P1080672   P1080663

This log is part of a huge hollow basswood that recently broke off the trunk on the left.  It landed on one of the trail signs and dented it up pretty good.


Another cool thing we saw along the way was this sign for the Great Divide in Northern Wisconsin.  We’re suckers for this kind of stuff.  It’s just a sign along the road, but it’s kind of cool knowing where the water goes.P1080710

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The Hunter’s Feed

It was a perfect day in the Northland for this event.   Nice cool temperatures, a clear blue sky and pretty trees all around.  This event is held where most of the bear hunters gather on the weekends and the main entre of the day was bear meat….and I’ll say right now, it was delicious.  There was a big tent set up for the food tables, lots of picnic tables outside and a good turnout of our hunter friends and their families.   The ladies made bear meat sloppy Joes, venison and wild rice casserole, a pasta and bear meat hot dish,  a big nesco full of roasted bear meat, salads and desserts.  Really good eats!

After everyone had their fill the Bear Hunter Olympic Games began.  There were 3 events.  Bait bucket relays,  gunny sack races and then a tug of war.  P1080570

P9250018   P9250017
We had our first hard frost last night.  When I got up it was 28 degrees outside.  There was ice in the bird bath and frost on the grass in the open field.P1080601Oh and Toodie has asked me several times if there’s fish out in the pond .  I knew there were small ones, because we see them jumping and the kingfisher fishes for them.  The other day when the water was coming over the dam, this little guy went overboard.  I don't know what kind of fish this is.  Just know it's small.
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Fall in the Northland

It’s officially Fall, my favorite season!  The trees and underbrush are putting on quite a show for us.  Even with a day of heavy rain and wind, it’s still very pretty all around us.P1080467We’ve still been seeing quite a  bit of wildlife.  Deer, turkeys, an occasional bobcat and this adorable bear cub.  He crossed the road right in front of us and climbed up the tree.  He seemed to be playing peek-a-boo with me and my camera.  P1080370 
P1080376The pond is filled to the brim with water.  Barney and his associates continue to build up the sides to keep all the water to themselves.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these are the most amazing animals I’ve ever seen.   The original workaholic!

Yesterday we met my brother and his wife in Duluth for lunch at an amazing restaurant.  On the 16th floor of the Radisson Hotel is a restaurant called JJ Astor.  It revolves so the diners get a 360 degree view of the City of Duluth, Lake Superior and the harbor.  It was a great experience, good food and a fun time with Bruce and Theresa.
Bruce and TheresaDuluth, Lake Superior and Harbor Today is the annual Hunter’s Feed at one of the local watering holes.  Should be a fun time watching the hunters compete in the Bear Hunters Olympics,   especially after being at the watering hole too long.  There may be pictures, but no promises.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and special birthday wishes going out to Beth Marie and Carole whose birthdays are today. 

Monday 7 comments

Boat Ride

Come along if you’d like a tour of the pond. 

Today our guide Jim will be the Captain of the Queen of the Waterways. P1080274

She’s a trusty old row boat that used to be part of the Kilbourn Volunteer Fire Department’s rescue unit.  When not in use on the pond, she’s a year-round shelter to one of the bunny families that calls this place home.
P1080278Here we are, heading out in the from the little corner where Jim docks the boat.  This is one of Barney’s favorite spots.  It’s closest to the trees that he’d love to sink his teeth into.  Jim has put wire fencing around the big ones so he won’t be able to knock them down.


There’s lots of this pink stuff growing out there.  P1080261_thumb

One of the few points of interest is Barney’s Lodge.  It’s been out there since before we bought our place in 1992.  This winter it will be home to Barney and at least two other beavers.P1080266 
Here I am, enjoying the ride and the view from the other side.
P1080267-3The only other point of interest is the dam.  Barney and gang have added mud and sticks to this whole side.   They’ve done a good job of keeping the water where they want it. P1080276 

It’s been two days now since I’ve seen a hummingbird, so I’m pretty sure they’ve all passed through on their way south.  When the sun gets far enough around, the feeder becomes very popular to the bees.  We let them get their fill, as long as there aren’t any hummers around for them to harass.
P1080246Tonight we’re going to the last cookout hosted by Sherry & Terry’s cousin Jake and his wife Linda.  We met them last month and he’s as nice and fun as his cousins.   Should be a fun time.  Sure wish you all could come along too.

Wildlife Sunday

We hardly ever see anything on the weekend, but yesterday was an exception.  While I was driving into town to pick up a few things I saw a flock of turkeys along the edge of the road.  I was really surprised they didn't take off running or fly away when I approached them.  They just kept pecking away and then finally crossed the road in front of me.  It was cool seeing the hens out front and at the end and all the young ones in between.Turkeys on Mail Rd.

After they all crossed, I pulled ahead, put the window down and this one was nice enough to pose for me.  Strange bunch of turkeys.  Usually they run away so fast, I can’t even get a bad picture of one.
Turkeys on Mail Rd. When I got home I could see the little mystery duck out on the pond, so I thought what the heck, maybe I can get a picture of it so I can figure out what it is.  I put on my mosquito net/hat and one of Jim’s camo jackets and went down by the dam.  Well, the little guy saw me and starts swimming right towards me.  I got some really nice pictures and now I know it’s a Pied-billed Grebe.  Kind of a cute little bird that makes a very strange sound.
Pied-billed Grebe on pondSo later in the afternoon we decided to take a drive around on the dirt roads.  We figured with all the cabin people around we wouldn’t see anything, but we were wrong!  Deer, one with a fawn,  another big flock of turkeys, a couple Cooper’s Hawks and another bear.  I really should’ve been able to get a picture of the little bear, but my camera was upside down and the settings were all wrong.  Darn!  Saw my 20th bear this morning while we were taking our morning walk.  It crossed the road way up ahead of us and was no where to be seen after that.

No hummingbirds around here this morning.  They may all be heading down towards Missouri and will be stopping by Toodie’s feeder. 

Sunday 4 comments


Besides changing the page on the calendar, lots of other things are changing around here.  Like the temperatures.  Whoa!  Last week we were in the 90’s.  This morning was a chilly 37 degrees.
The variety of birds have switched completely.  There’s still a couple hummingbirds passing through, but every day more winter birds are appearing.  Woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees and blue jays.  Gone are the towhees, catbirds, bluebirds and rose breasted grosbeaks.

The deer have changed from their pretty red summer coats to the darker winter hair.

Aug 8

Sept 1 buck
The bucks are starting to rub the velvet  off their antlers.  Kind of scraggly looking isn’t it?

Sept 4 buck with velvet
Of course at this time of year, the trees and brush start changing too.  Lots of maples are showing off their pretty leaves.  The ferns and ash trees have turned yellow and brown.  Different kinds of red berries are visible now that the leaves have fallen off.  The days are becoming so much shorter and it gets dark so fast, too.  I really love fall with all the changes and pretty colors.  In my perfect world, I’d want it to be fall all year long.

The other night we tried another choice edible mushroom.  I made a chicken and wild rice dish and added some pear shaped puffballs to it.  Oh my goodness…was it ever good!  Don’t worry, I’m very careful about picking and eating these.  I double, triple and quadruple check each variety before I even consider picking it and the research is well worth it.   There’s nothing fresher or naturally organic than these things.  They taste and smell so good, nothing like store bought button mushrooms.   And they’re right out the door just waiting to be enjoyed.

Pear shaped puffball-1

Pear shaped puffball