The Dummond Woods

Back when we were working we always took the last week of September off so we could get out and enjoy all of fall’s splendor.  We use to rent a cabin and go fishing in north east Wisconsin.  But after buying our cabin, we fell in love with all the fall color and everything else right here. 

Earlier this summer we stopped in the little town of Drummond and thought it would be a neat place to revisit in the fall.  Today’s weather was perfect for playing tourist and a nice drive.  So off to Drummond we went!  There’s not much of a town there today, but back in the late 1800’s it was a booming company logging town.   Just outside of town is a stand of virgin pine and hemlock that thankfully was left for all to see.  We walked the trail that encircles the giant trees and really enjoyed ourselves.  P1080659These trees are so big, it was hard to get pictures showing just how gigantic they really are.  But here’s a few of our attempts to get the perspective of their size.

P1080672   P1080663

This log is part of a huge hollow basswood that recently broke off the trunk on the left.  It landed on one of the trail signs and dented it up pretty good.


Another cool thing we saw along the way was this sign for the Great Divide in Northern Wisconsin.  We’re suckers for this kind of stuff.  It’s just a sign along the road, but it’s kind of cool knowing where the water goes.P1080710


Kera said...

Beautiful! Wish I was there.

john bord said...

great trees are so cool to look at in awe then ponder, what was life like when it first began to grow, how much history has passed under its boughs.
Someplace in that area is another divide that sends the water into the those waters plus some goes to Hudson's Bay.

Nice walk

Toodie said...

Very interesting road trip. Loved the pictures. Those are huge trees. How big is your wing span? Tree must be 10 foot around eh? Did I write wing span???? I must be tired.

GreatGranny said...

These huge trees have a lot of history.Must have been exciting to see.

Fizz said...

Hey there Cindy Girl... long time no talk! I've moved my blog, you can find me here: at either or

Fizz said...

Hi Cindy! You know what? That act of Chivalry did make my day less terrible... it was just what I needed to refresh my faith in mankind!

Beth said...

Those trees are huge. I would love to see them in person. I enjoyed the pictures.