Wednesday 4 comments

It’s trying to be Spring

While out and about last week we looked high and low for positive signs of spring.  Still no spring flowers, but lots of birds singing and the trees are starting to bud out.P1100169 This has to make the porcupines very happy.  Fresh new buds gotta taste way better than just gnawing on tree bark.porcupine on Beck rd While sitting in my little blind, I thought I could see something sticking its head out of the wood duck house that’s on the other side of the pond.  After zooming in with binoculars, I could see it was a woodpecker.  Oh well, at least something was checking it out.P1100187-1The mergansers and mallards are still hanging around the pond and I’m hoping they’ll find a nice spot out there and start a family.  P1100184We haven’t seen any rabbits around yet this spring, but there have been quite a few squirrels in all shades of gray, charcoal and black.  This one has some sort of skin problem around its ear. P1100177On Monday we came back home for a few days and are glad we did.  I heard there was more snow there on Tuesday.  All I can say is it better be gone by the time we get back later this week.  Sheesh, enough is enough!

Friday 8 comments

Happy Earth Day!

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I know it’s been awhile since I’ve updated and the reason is there hasn’t been much happening around here.  We’ve seen quite a few different birds this spring and the deer swing by each night, along with a raccoon or two.  But we haven’t seen any bear, bobcats or other exciting animals yet.  I should say, I haven’t seen any bear yet.  Jim was out looking for sheds (antlers from deer) the other day and saw a young bear.  They looked at each other and the bear turned and walked down a little hill and disappeared into the woods.  He also saw where it denned last winter.
The other day we saw this porcupine along the side of the road.  Apparently he didn’t want me to see his face, but seeing this side of him is a reminder why I was happy I was in the truck when I took his picture.P1090997
This week I set up my little blind so I can try to get some pictures without scaring everything away.  The beavers are no longer out there but there’s still quite a bit of water.  This week we’ve seen ducks, herons, geese and some other long legged waders out there.  Here’s a picture of my blind and the view from it.P1100095

I really enjoy sitting out there…as long as it’s not too cold and windy.  This morning I was watching some hooded mergansers and got a fairly good picture of two of them.  Just as I was leaving I saw an eagle fly over.  I don’t know if I scared it off or if it was just a coincidence that it was flying over at that time.  It would’ve been nice if I had known it was around.P1100137
Things are still very brown around here, but one of these days, I’m sure spring will happen.  The “s” word (and I don’t mean “s” as in spring or showers) is still being used by the weather people.  Shame on them! 

Thursday 6 comments

Spring in the Northland - Part II

Yesterday I saw something I'd never seen before. I just happened to look out the window and there were a couple deer coming across the ice on the pond. In my opinion, one was way too close to open water, but I figured it knew where it was going. Nope. All of a sudden, it's in the water and without missing a beat, it jumped up on the ice and kept on heading this way.  You can see the little deer on the right is all wet from it's chilly dip in the pond.
A little while later two more were coming across.  These stayed more towards the middle of the pond, but one of them went partly through.  We're hoping they've learned the short cut is not the way to go anymore.  If you look way over on the left side of this picture you can see the second pair walking across the ice.
We have to head back home today for a funeral this weekend, but we'll be back ASAP.

Tuesday 7 comments

Spring in the Northland – Part I

Even though there’s still snow on the ground and ice on the pond there’s been lots of action around here.  On Sunday morning we saw an eagle land on the ice and watched it try to grab something that was frozen in..  I took pictures from inside the cabin.  From past experience I know if I want a picture, take it now, don’t go outside because it just scares the birds or animals away.P1090805At the time I didn’t know what the eagle was trying to get, but now that the ice has melted some, we can see this is the head of a duck decoy we left out there last fall. 

Out on a drive on Sunday we saw this proud grouse strutting across the road.  P1090829And of course the deer come by here a couple times each day to see if there’s any corn or sunflowers for them to snack on.  This was from rainy Sunday.P1090819In the past we’ve seen an occasional otter swimming around in the pond.  This is the first year we’ve seen three of them and were able to watch them play around on the ice.  Otters know how to have fun and they seem to be goofing off most of the time…except if other critters are around.  These two were keeping an eye on me while I was keeping an eye on them. 2 ottersThis one wasn’t happy to see a pair of great blue herons land on the ice near their open water. (Also taken from inside the cabin.  Herons have eyesight as good as eagles.)
heron watch Jim got this picture of the otters (we’re calling them “The Three Amigos”) and one of the three beavers.  P1090755 We have the trail cam running and so far only deer and a raccoon have gotten their pictures taken.March 24PICT0184  Stay tuned, spring has just started up here.