What a Wildlife Moment!

We were driving long on a gravel road, came around the corner and down at the bottom of the hill we could see a doe and fawn.  So we stopped right there at the top of the hill to watch them.  Of course I’m taking pictures, through the somewhat clean windshield glass.
P1060893We expected them to stand around a few seconds and then take off running.  Well that’s what they did, but they started running right towards us, with the little one leading the way.
P1060915 The little one finally stops right in front of the truck and starts stomping her foot at us, just like a big deer.

We quietly sat, watching for their next move.  Mom must have given some kind of signal and they both turned and ran back down the road and disappeared into the brush along the side  Really cool.  


Now if you would back up a few hours.  This is what we saw when we got up this morning. 

P1060886When you look out and see both feeders tipped and the birdbath knocked over, we know who stopped to visit last night.  Yup, here’s the culprit.
PICT0057At least this one didn’t try to sit or climb on the birdbath like the other one did and ended up breaking it.  FYI…Super Glue Gel works really well in repairing plastic bird baths.


Ramblingon said...

If I promise to be good, can I come over to stay a few days?

What a wonderful treat seeing momma and her baby. And pretty..oh they are gorgeous. What a blessing to see. Life is good.

I even loved seeing the feeres and the bears impolite visit as I would love to be awake and watching. Do you guys stay up awhile? Says 2144 hrs. so that's sure not late.

Ramblingon said...

Um...feeders,. Not feeres. Sorry,.

CAROLDEE said...

Sis.. that is so neat.. kinda like he is challenging that truck and tell it to get out of it's neighborhood.I love the shots..poor lawn stuff must get a beating with a big ole bear like that having fun with it. Glad to know about the superglue too.
Hope it is cool there it sure isn't here. Went and got me some cold treat today and thought of you.. THANKS!!! : )

Horst in Edmonton said...

Wow, that fawn has quite the spirit. Must be a male.

Toodie said...

I love it! Horst is right, that little one has spirit and spunk ha haa. Great pictures Cindy. Now that bear sure does look cute an cuddly though huh? He sure likes your area don't he? I see he doesn't pick up after!

Curtis said...

This was just way cool. Ain't life wonderful?

JennyD said...

One of the best pictorials I've EVER seen! Oh, Cindy, what a treat this was. When you said that the baby ran straight for the car, I actually had an intake of breath and slid backwards in my chair! Oooo, what a great visual. And I agree that you were lucky the birdbath and feeders were only overturned. MAN, you mean the bear actually tries to SIT in the birdbath? Lol, wonder what fables his parents got him to believe, hahahaha. Tg for super glue, huh.

Now, before I leave, I have to tell you that I just this minute got back from another long appt having to do with closing out Mom's stuff, and what do I see on my blog? YOU saying, and I quote, "when it comes to chickens, I'm in the middle of the road". Ask me if I've even stopped laughing yet. Omg, how funny was that statement! (why did the chicken cross the road). Oh, pleaseeee tell me you meant it like that. If you don't, then I know for sure I've lost it. LOL.

Beth said...

Oh what fun it would be to see the sights you see. Amazing pictures.

Elaine said...

Love the pictures, especially of the doe and her little one. Getting pretty brave there isn't it? Glad the bear didn't break the birdbath this time!

Kimmy said...

How adorable! She was a brave baby coming at you like that. Momma will have a time that her little rebel child. lol
Mr Bear better be glad he didn't break the feeders this time. LOL Super Glue must be a fix all like Duct Tape.

Technogran said...

It must be absolutely wonderful to live in such a place! I would never get any housework done for watching and taking photos of all the wildlife! Lovely photos

Lady Penelope said...

I'll save that info for later, about the Super Gel glue..never know when you may need it next!!..
and Mom and baby fawn look wonderful, with those thin legs and body, they look so graceful, virtual Bambi's in fact. x