June 30 Visitors

The first visitor I saw was when I was walking on the path to the east of the cabin.  I’m heading one way and this big ol’ painted turtle was coming the other way.  I thought it was pretty cool that it was using the path too.  I think it was heading back to the pond.
Besides the birds, squirrels and chipmunks that are around here most of the day, we had a visit from a small bear last night.  While it was cleaning out the bird feeder, a deer came by to have a little evening snack.  She didn’t see the bear right away, but took off like a flash when it moved in her direction.  This blurry picture is taken from inside. 

P1060545The bear hung around until I decided it was time to scare it away.  But that was after we got a close up picture of it on the trail cam.
PICT0050 Here’s some of the other evening visitors.
PICT0042 PICT0114
PICT0144And another visit  from the bear.  This was after he dug up an ant hill on our lawn.  Sheesh!  Jim had to scare him away and hopefully he’ll go out and find some blueberries, raspberries or other natural bear food out there in the big woods.PICT0155


Ramblingon said...

Crazy about these pictures. I always am and I wish I would find another way to say it. They are terrific and I love your narrative.

Curtis said...

Hey that looks like one of them Turtle Burgers I got an email on. Don't know whether I sent it to you or not. Man that sure looks a good shrooom. Ain't life just too much? Enjoy your 4th as I am enjoying our Canada Day.

Beth said...

The pictures are so good. I always enjoy your pictures so much. The turtle is awesome.

Jodi said...

Cindy, I just loved these pictures! I think the 3rd and 4th pics are my favorites - mainly because I love being able to see your pond. I know I've said it before but I'm so jealous of all the green grass and trees you have. *sigh* It looks like that turtle is carrying a leaf or something in his mouth. Or is that just my eyes playing a trick on me? Lastly ... that "Cinnabar-red Chantarelle Mushroom" is awesome looking! Never seen one of those.

Toodie said...

Oh Cindy you made my day with the wonderful wildlife photos of up north. Turtle using the path too, so cute. That red shroom looks like a fantasy shroom lol! As always your cabin photos gives me ah taste for home, WI. Have a great 4th of July!