A Bunch of Stuff

We made a quick trip home and I do mean quick.  Arrived home around 4:00 and we both started on our chores.  He mowed and I started laundry.  I finished it in the morning,  did some grocery shopping and by 1:30 yesterday, we were back on the road heading north.  Had a nice trip until we were about 25 miles away and ran into the big storm that moved across the whole state.  We even pulled over for a few minutes because it was raining so hard. 

Anyway, we got here safe and sound.   We were sorry to see “The Old Tree” got snapped by the wind.  This is the tree that refused to die.  I took some pictures of it this spring, just in case it would be the year it stopped putting on leaves.  Well, it leafed out just like all the other years, but yesterday the wind caused it to finally  succumb to old age.  This tree was chewed on by beavers and who knows how many different woodpeckers pecked holes in it for food and used it for raising their little ones.   It’s really amazing how trees can survive so much abuse.

The tree that refused to die.

The wind did it in.The sapsucker nesting tree was another one that snapped yesterday.  Thank goodness it didn’t land on the outhouse.  It was close, but just missed it.

Today Jim noticed this mysterious blob floating right next to the damn.  We both remember seeing something like this some years ago, but never found out what it was.  He threw a glove on it to give a reference to the size of it.  Weird stuff, huh?  Got have any idea what it is? 

The blob.

And finally…drum roll please….It’s time for me to show off my 15 Minutes of Fame.  (Apologies to those that already saw this on my Facebook wall).  Last year I was involved in making some things for a book called Fa La La La Felt.  Yesterday right before we left, the UPS man stopped by and delivered my copy…with my stuff in it!  I’m still giddy about this.  

One pincushion is shown on the second page.  Fa La La La Felt-1

Two of them are on the back cover.
Fa La La La Felt

Three are on the inside with instructions on the next page.Fa La La La Felt-2

And 2 Christmas Stockings,Fa La La La Felt-3

with instructions too.

Fa La La La Felt-4
There are some other really cute things in this book.  If I hadn’t received a complimentary copy, I’m pretty sure I would have bought it myself.


Elaine said...

Wow sorry about the tree! I know how that feels unfortunately. I still miss our big ole Bradford Pear that we lost in an ice storm.

Have no idea what that blob is. Looks almost like the size of a basketball though coated in oil and crud.

Beth said...

Congrats one being published in the book. Your things are really cute.
Sorry about the trees.

Carol T said...

Love your wildlife pics once again. Congrats on your new celebrity status!

Toodie said...

I am so relieved to know you made the trip back safe. Whew! That must have been some wind. Poor trees. I called Hugh to look at your 'blob' floating in the water. After some copying the picture and in PSP looking at it close Hugh says it's a rotted basketball! I say it's an alien pod...LOL!!! So there ya go.
Oh how wonderful you got a copy and thanks for showing us (I am not on FB) Now I can tell my friends here my friend the northerner is a published author and designer! BIG HUGS and congrats!

Terry said...

You have me stumped. Haven't a clue on the blob.

Congrats on the publishing. Your projects are worth it.

CAROLDEE said...

WHOA..Sis that was a quick trip.. so many bad storms going through your area this summer.. and then they come to my place..(ugh) anyway glad your back to the north country. No idea on the blob, I say residual something from the beavers lair..floating has to be light enough to stand on top of water must have some oil in it someplace. Love your new LIVE camera thingy ..guess I will come back in the daylight and take a look at it. As for the magazine display.. I knew you were talented...So proud you are my Sis from WISC. : )

Lady Penelope said...

congrats on being published, not surprised you're feeling giddy..
and feeling so sad for the tree, but as you say, quite amazing how trees take so much punishment.
hmm, been staring at the mysterious blob for ages, but my mind came up blank I'm afraid, and my eyes are still seeing dots!!! lol..

Kimmy said...

Congratulations on the book Cindy! If anyone should be published it's you. You have the craftiest hands I know.
It's sad to see the old tree go but it sounds like the wildlife really used her well.
I have no idea what that big ole blob is either. It's kinda alien looking!