They were big and they were really hungry!  They’ve always been bad in Madison, but on our recent trip home, they were awful.  Jim has a high tolerance for bugs and when he complains about them, you know it’s bad.  Because of them we were home long enough to get the grass mowed, I did a ton of laundry and we both got our hair cut.  Oh and the weather was icky compared to what it was in the Northland.  So that means, we’re back in the Northland after a quick 2 day trip home.

I’m sure the weather has changed down there so it’s much nicer, but it’s just perfect up here today.  Temps in the 70’s, low humidity, a nice breeze and hardly any mosquitoes! 

Just a few pictures to share from last night and when we were gone.  The little bear passed through last night.
Bear July 8Little Doe was here many times, looking for some snacks.
PICT0095Even our next door neighbor was here  cutting hay.  There were lots of pictures of him and his tractor.  Note:  The date is incorrect on this cam.  I was too lazy to correct it after we discovered it’s off one day.
SUNP0139 Little Doe came out too check on his work.  I think he got her approval.
It’s so good to be back up here.  We’re enjoying the nice weather, peace and quiet and seeing all the birds and critters again.  But mostly, it’s so good to go outside without being carried away by those blood sucking mosquitoes!


Toodie said...

Gee I would think the bugs would be worse up north, go figure huh? The skeeters seem to be the state bird we always teased. Little bear? He looks big to me - ha. I am glad you and Jim are where you want to be. Can't get any better than that. Have a great weekend you guys! Hugs to Molly!

Kimmy said...

Nothing worse than a mosquito filled Summer. Yuck! Love the Summery shots though! I can almost smell the fresh cut grass. *achoo!*

JennyD said...

Cindy, I think you just might be in the most perfect place on Earth. I sit here, look at the wonderful pictures and just melt into the screen. How beautiful it all is - Heaven on Earth for sure.
The mosquitos are out in full force here, too. So hot that they only have food (OUR blood) to look forward to, and believe me, it's the very moment you crack the door open that they come out of nowhere and make the hit. I got my hair cut super shot yesterday and my hairdresser kept saying, "Omg, you have mosquito bites even in your head and ears!" Yep, I do. The skeeters LOVE me; always have. One big whelt.
Just adore visting you on your page :)

JennyD said...

Sorry, forgot to ask: Where did you find that birdbath? I love the openings around the rim. Good for little bird feet to grasp.

JennyD said...

(oh yeah, and that was supposed to read: got my hair cut super SHORT, not shot) I need to learn to preview.

Elaine said...

Love seeing pictures of the doe. Can't believe how bad your mosquitoes are in Madison, I never would have thought that. Here in MI I'm not bothered by them at all, and it's rarely been a problem in the 15 yrs I've lived here. Wonder why the difference? Welcome back to the Northland.

Beth said...

I think the huge mosquito population here is because of all of the rain we have had.
Anywhere there is standing water they multiply so fast. The pictures are great. The bear looks like he is on a snowy ground.

Curtis said...

Gotta watch out for them there skeeters. Them critters might carry you away. I bet it is peaceful there.

CAROLDEE said...

Skeeters here really big too..the rains made them that way I guess..never could see why GOD made them anyway must be for a tasty snack for the BATS ! Can't say I blame you the cabin is your santuary and boy that is wonderful! Enjoy the summertime.Love the pics too! Thanks for the birthday card..Love ya Sis!!

Sherry said...

As usual the pictures are great Cindy. I don't blame you for wanting to get back up there as fast as you can.

Ramblingon said...

We have a bumper crop of skeeters too. :-(

GreatGranny said...

Hi, Cindy, lost you somewhere, Glad to see you here on blogspot. I always enjoy your wildlife, hate skeeters though.This is Greatgranny from spaces.