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The Rest of the Story

After my last update about having the flu and not being able to get rid of the cough, I went to urgent care, sat in the waiting room with all the other sickies and 3 hours later found out I had pneumonia!
These two were REALLY sick!
I was given a prescription for Z-Pack antibiotics and some cough suppressants.  I was back at the clinic yesterday and the physicians assistant I saw said I was good to go!  I go back in a month for another chest x-ray just to be sure.

Not much else going on here mainly because I wasn't sure if I could go out walking like we usually do.  I can now, but the cold air still makes my lungs feel not quite right.  Take it slow he said, a little more each day until you're back to where you were before you got sick.

Back a few posts ago I mentioned getting an Instant Pot.  This appliance is magical!  (Thank you Jenny for the link you shared.)  I saw a post on Facebook where a gal made potato salad in it!  Yup cook the potatoes and eggs together for 4 minutes, cool them down, make your dressing and voila potato salad! 

Picture from Facebook

My bowl of homemade potato salad!
I really don't remember the last time I made it, but this was so darned easy that I know I'll be making it this summer.  Now I have to remember just exactly what I used to use to make the dressing.  It was good, but missing a few flavors.  I'll get there though!  No more tubs of Walmart Amish potato salad for us!

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Checking In

It's been awhile since I posted anything here, so here's a review of what we've been up to.  We both had the horrible flu that's been going around.  I had it worse and longer than Jim.  It's been 7 years since we've been sick and this was awful!  Just when I thought I was feeling better I had a day that I seriously thought I was going to die!  Well, maybe that's a bit extreme, but my whole body hurt, I had a fever and all I could do was sit in my chair with my blankie and nap most of the day.  I got over most of those symptoms, but still have a nagging cough.

On Tuesday we celebrated Rudy's Big Day.  That's what we called his gotcha day.  He sure has turned into a nice dog.  So glad he's part of our family.  He takes us for a walk almost everyday.  This is one of our favorite places.  It's a connecting road off the main road with very little traffic.  It's just a nice place to walk especially when there's snow on the ground.

Last Friday I met up with 4 relatives of mine.  I think they'd be called first cousins, twice removed.  I remember all of them from when I was a little girl and we'd go to their towns to visit their families.  Except for one of the ladies, it's been close to 60 years since I've seen them.  We're Facebook friends, but that's not the same as meeting at a wonderful, quiet place on the University of Wisconsin Campus for lunch.  

It was a fun lunch and I was surprised by some of the details I remembered that were actually correct!  Like what the old farm looked like, that Uncle Walter always wore bib overalls and that there was always tons of food when we came to visit.

Not much else going on around here.  The cold weather is gone and the snow we got last week should be melted by the end of the weekend.  Yay!

Hope everyone stays well.  Like the experts say, wash you hands often, use hand sanitizer and try to avoid germs! The flu shot wasn't the correct mix this year.  


So Much for Walking Everyday

I spoke too soon!  Tuesday Jim had signs of a cold, Wednesday I had the same signs and now we're both miserable!  No walking yesterday or today.  Besides being so cold out there, it hurts too much to even think about going outside.  Any suggestions on how to explain that to a dog?  Rudy just doesn't get it!
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It's 2018

No new year's resolutions for me. Like every year, I want to continue walking everyday and perpetually try to lose weight. We’ve been walking even in this cold and I’ve finally come up with the best combination of layers to stay warm. It isn’t pretty, but it works.
Rudy doesn’t mind the cold at all.  He’s quite a dog. Actually nothing bothers him!  He just wants to be with us and see what kind of treasures he can find along the way.

This deer rib cage was the second one he found recently. Don’t know why people have to dump them along this dead end road, but Rudy sure likes finding them. He also found a leg that really excited him. 
It’s going to be another cold week and we’ll continue to go for our walks. Looking on the bright side, we don’t have much snow and there’s been plenty of sunshine! 

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Almost Christmas

Today was our best chance for having a white Christmas and it didn’t happen. No problem...I’ve always thought a white Christmas was highly overrated.  We’ve been able to go out to various wildlife areas to walk and let Rudy run. So nice to not have to wear boots and all the other winter gear.  Just look how brown things are around here.

After our walk we stopped by the saddest historical marker I’ve ever seen. It was so weird because I always thought there was a cemetery on the hill behind this marker, but I was wrong...kinda. No markers but lots of graves.  

Hope everyone is ready for Christmas.  This year we decided we’d each buy our own gifts.  I know, not really in the spirit of Christmas but it’s a way to get exactly what we want.  Jim bought himself some kind of power saw and I got an Instant Pot, which is the most mysterious kitchen gadget I’ve ever owned.

I’ve always been interested in pressure cooking but never had the nerve to actually get a pressure cooker.  I’ve seen it described as a life changing apparatus and I can believe it is.  At first it’s very intimidating with all the different settings and not knowing exactly what is happening inside of it.  But after following some recipes exactly as written and learning all about it, it’s a winner!  Most foods cook much faster but it’s the flavor of everything that really sold me.  I really wish I had this back when I was working. You can make so many great meals in a fraction of the time. 

Merry Christmas to you my friends.  Hope to hell 2018 is better than this year...although it won’t take much to be an improvement. 

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Posting from chrome

This might just work!
Saw this at Walmart this morning...since when can you bring little dogs in the store?