This is the first summer since we retired in 2007 that there’s been regular rainfalls.  The past 3 summers were very dry.  So this year, we’re seeing how different things are while having average weather.  One thing I’ve noticed more this year than the past is the number of butterflies out there.   Before this summer, all I could ever identify were Monarchs and Swallowtails and a few moths.   Now I know lots of different kinds.

The other day we were driving to Molly’s favorite swimming hole and I saw a patch of bergamot with pretty orange butterflies flitting all over them.  We had to back up so I could get some pictures of them.  They were really into these sweet purple flowers.  I now know these are Aphrodite butterflies.

Aphrodite  butterfly on bergamot-1

Aphrodite  butterfly on bergamot 
Here’s a Red Admiral and a White Admiral.

red admiral butterfly  white admiralI’ve noticed how much earlier wildflowers are blooming because it’s not so dry.  Same for berries. Lots of blueberries, raspberries and hopefully blackberries too.  Rain really makes a difference.  It keeps Molly’s swimming holes full and fresh.
molly at the pitThis morning we had a big storm go through and while the wind was blowing and the rain pouring down, the only creatures stirring  were the tiniest of them all…the little hummingbirds.  Rain doesn’t bother them one single bit!



Toodie said...

2007? Where has the time gone? Oh Cindy how wonderful up north is having noraml weather. See I can't even spell it! LOL! Thanks for sharing the butterfly shots, wow! Not many BF here this year. Molly looks very happy and so does the hummer. I am watching those bad storms move through WI,wow! Take care and can't wait to see more photos. No pressure of course ;-)

JennyD said...

Man, Toodie's beating me by a hair to everyone today, lol.

Cindy, these photos are to die for, absolutely gorgeous! I love butterflies and have a couple of butterfly bushes in my back yard and one in a pot at the back steps. The ones in the back are having a hard time with this drought (send me your RAIN!), but I've watered the one in the pot and the butterflies flock to that all day.
I adore hummingbirds. Next year I'll set up a feeder for them like I used to do. This yr was too, too hot and the nectar would have either boiled or gone bad before a day was out. None of my neighbors have seen any of the hummers that usually hand around. But you know what? The picture of the hummer thru the rain was great because just looking at it made me feel degrees cooler. What a relief!
Give beautiful Molly a good old hug for me. Tell her I'm a fan and actually a dog/cat/bird/monk/etc in human's clothing, lol.

Curtis said...

Well you know those little critters fly all the way to South America in the winter so I reckon they have to eat all the time. Really nice pictures too. Yes water makes all the difference in the world. Did you know it takes 435 litres of water to grow enough wheat to produce 1 loaf of bread. Something to think about next time you are in the grocery store in the bread section. That's a lot of rain sitting on the shelves.

Beth said...

The butterflies are gorgeous! as are the lovely flowers. How wonderful it must be to be surrounded by such marvelous things. No wonder you don't want to come home.

Ramblingon said...

I haven't learned butterflies other than the ones that you knew long ago. I bought Neil a butterfly ID book as he is, as you are, into nature photography.
Loved seeing the Admirals and the Aphrodite butterfly. All new to me and is that Bergamot the same as in my Earl Gray tea? How cool to see them in their natural form!
Molly you look smashing. I've been hungering to get a look at you again. Missed you. Hugs to you all.

Blog Quest said...

It has been a wet summer up north. We just finished up on a rain filled couple of weeks. But that is a good thing. Three days without rain around here, with the lack of good soil, we are right back into a drought. Good black soil (like in Minnesota/Iowa) is a precious commodity in these parts. Keep enjoying your summer and I have plenty of birds and butterflies with my 5000 square feet of humming bird, butterfly, wild flower mix. Safe travels…Greg

Caroldee said...

Sis those shots are so beautiful..I couldn't tell you what the name of any butterfly is and we don't see many around here.
Rain does make a lot of difference.. I know flowers here were WAY ahead of last year in blooming. Molly looks so happy!!
Love this post!