Butterfly Jam

This recipe was in a recent issue of Wisconsin Outdoor News.  I haven’t tired it yet, but when I get some rotten fruit, I will.

Butterfly Jam
12 oz. beer
1 lb. brown sugar
1/2 cup molasses
Some rotten fruit (bananas, plums, pears, peaches, grapes)

Blend together until thick enough to spread.  Let ferment, uncovered on the counter, overnight.  Spread on a plate or rocks and watch for butterfly visitors.  Refrigerate any remaining mix.


Here’s an unusual capture by the trail cam of a pretty monarch butterfly passing by.  Ignore the temperature on the picture.  Obviously the sun was beating right down on the camera.

July 10 Monarch Butterfly


JennyD said...

Wow, that's some recipe! If it's spread on a plate or rocks, etc, for the butterflies, I can't help but wonder what the ants would think of it, too, lol. Might be a good idea to have that plate or rock wayyyyyy away from the house, you think? I have a butterfly bush and the butterflies really do seem to love it. That made me think that the recipe could "maybe" work on the stems of other woody plants...but still not close to the house. Darn ants.

Curtis said...

Butterfly hell...with all that beer in it, I'm puttin' it on toast.I ain't feedin' that to no Rotten fruit is in the mail.

Beth said...

I have to agree with Curtis. Add a little peanut butter along with it and spread it on toast.

Ramblingon said...

Oh my gosh..I love the recipe and I sure love these comments!!!

Kimmy said...

LOL @ Curtis!! I may have to jack one of hubby's beers and try this one out!

Toodie said...

What ah cool recipe. Never any beer here but maybe a soda pop? LOL about spreading it on toast...hmm.

jerry said...

I made a batch and it ended up soupy!!! What did I do wrong??? It can not be spread and is very thin and watery!!! Anybody have luck with this recipe???

jerry said...

Jerry here. Don't know if I left my e mail address on last comment about recipe!!

Anonymous said...

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