On Second Thought…

After thinking about all the sweet, fragrant ingredients that go into the butterfly jam I think it would be a big mistake to put any of it outside the cabin.  Can you imagine how much the bears would like that stuff?  Sheesh, I’d have them coming in from all over the county.  I’ll stick with my little sand puddle I made for the butterflies and they’ll just have to get their sweetness from natural things.  

Jenny D thought it would attract a lot of ants and I’m sure she’s right about that.  We had a few ants around the sink both here and at home.  A few sprays of RAID took care of those little guys.

We picked more blueberries the other day and I made my annual Blueberry Pudding Cake using the berries in this picture.  Oh my, it’s so good! 

Blueberries We checked another favorite blueberry patch, but this year it’s almost under water.  It’s a for real blueberry bog.  Sphagnum moss and everything.  Maybe next year if things are drier than this year.


Beth said...

I checked the recipe out. It looks really good!! Save me some, I am on my way.

Curtis said...

Oh yeah go ahead...just tease us with that blueberry pudding cake!!

Toodie said...

Blueberry bog? Well it leaves more for the wildlife this year. Glad you got enough to make that delish cake though. I too thought that recipe for butterflies may attract more than you want...;-)

JennyD said...

OMG, I had to catch the drool! How embarrassing is that? Lol, you think I'm kidding don't you, Cindy.
I snatched up that recipe in a blink. LOVE blueberries and the author was right, it does sound cobbler-like. Nothing better than cobbler if you're a Southerner like I am :D Thank you, thank you for posting that.

I have this giant vine in the back yard and then saw another pop up on the side of the yard. Panic set in because it looked like poison ivy. I headed straight to the internet for close up pics and something I could put on the darn thing to kill it. It wasn't poison ivy! It's a blackberry bush! Wooohooo, am I ever excited!
I'm going to stop now because I don't want to "bog you down"....ewwww so bad.

Kimmy said...

Yum it sounds delicious Cindy! I'm a sucker for cobblers but I like them without ice cream. Not sure why. lol
Now I have a hankering to go picking!

CAROLDEE said...

Man I would love to make that.Been so darn hot I can't even think of putting on the oven though, I will save it to be sure! Thanks!

Admiral Hestorb said...

My oldest is crazy about blueberries. I think I will make that for him. He'll bless you.

How's the other two members of the family?