Spring in the Northland - Part II

Yesterday I saw something I'd never seen before. I just happened to look out the window and there were a couple deer coming across the ice on the pond. In my opinion, one was way too close to open water, but I figured it knew where it was going. Nope. All of a sudden, it's in the water and without missing a beat, it jumped up on the ice and kept on heading this way.  You can see the little deer on the right is all wet from it's chilly dip in the pond.
A little while later two more were coming across.  These stayed more towards the middle of the pond, but one of them went partly through.  We're hoping they've learned the short cut is not the way to go anymore.  If you look way over on the left side of this picture you can see the second pair walking across the ice.
We have to head back home today for a funeral this weekend, but we'll be back ASAP.


Cindy said...

Wow I would of thought they could sense the weak spots also.At least they are okay.
Sorry I haven't been keeping up.So swamped ..still here at Wendys going on 14 weeks.I am mentaly exhausted.Love the snow scenes!!
Be careful.

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Tammy said...

Deer do swim...though it is hard to believe with those skinny legs. We live near a large lake and have seen a few swim across. I think the become disoriented though, because we watched one drown last summer about halfway across...nothing anyone could do...could never have gotten there in time.

Dave said...

Great photos and reading! Really enjoy your blogs. Hope you can get "back up thar" real soon!
I was able to go to my cabin just about every weekend this Winter. Now, it seems like I'm too busy with work and family functions.

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

I sure am glad they made it okay. Deer are such pretty creatures.

Sherry said...

You get the best pictures on the web I think. What's next on your agenda?

MissBeth said...

It is amazing the view you have and the beautiful animals just add the perfect touch, so wish i had a view as you do.Dont know if i could handle the cold as you do but just for awhile it would be awesome !!