Fall in the Northland

It’s officially Fall, my favorite season!  The trees and underbrush are putting on quite a show for us.  Even with a day of heavy rain and wind, it’s still very pretty all around us.P1080467We’ve still been seeing quite a  bit of wildlife.  Deer, turkeys, an occasional bobcat and this adorable bear cub.  He crossed the road right in front of us and climbed up the tree.  He seemed to be playing peek-a-boo with me and my camera.  P1080370 
P1080376The pond is filled to the brim with water.  Barney and his associates continue to build up the sides to keep all the water to themselves.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these are the most amazing animals I’ve ever seen.   The original workaholic!

Yesterday we met my brother and his wife in Duluth for lunch at an amazing restaurant.  On the 16th floor of the Radisson Hotel is a restaurant called JJ Astor.  It revolves so the diners get a 360 degree view of the City of Duluth, Lake Superior and the harbor.  It was a great experience, good food and a fun time with Bruce and Theresa.
Bruce and TheresaDuluth, Lake Superior and Harbor Today is the annual Hunter’s Feed at one of the local watering holes.  Should be a fun time watching the hunters compete in the Bear Hunters Olympics,   especially after being at the watering hole too long.  There may be pictures, but no promises.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and special birthday wishes going out to Beth Marie and Carole whose birthdays are today. 


GreatGranny said...

A beautiful sight there and shared with family. The bear cub is so cute peeping around the tree.

Terry said...

I would so love to be up their and see that site. The picture was just awesome. Love the little bear and he does seem to be playing with you.

Sherry said...

Oh what fun. I know I'd love that restaurant myself. Kind of like the space needle in Seattle.

That cub is so darn cute. I think he's a diva and loves his picture taken :)

Horst in Edmonton said...

Hi Cindy, great photos, I do love the ones of the Bear Cub, it is very cute. Funny that the colors there are starting at the same time as here, amazing. Have a good weekend.

Beth said...

The pictures are wonderful. Love the ones of the bear cub. He does look like he is posing.
Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Toodie said...

Those pictures of the hide'n seek cub is just too darn cute! Great capture. How fun to meet your brother and his wife at such a neat restaurant. The Fall colors are so beautiful up North. Hunters bear Olympics sounds interesting. Hope you get a picture or two. I noticed you got some wild weather there if we can believe the weather predictor. Give hugs to Molly! Have a great Sunday. Hope you post more ;-)