The Hunter’s Feed

It was a perfect day in the Northland for this event.   Nice cool temperatures, a clear blue sky and pretty trees all around.  This event is held where most of the bear hunters gather on the weekends and the main entre of the day was bear meat….and I’ll say right now, it was delicious.  There was a big tent set up for the food tables, lots of picnic tables outside and a good turnout of our hunter friends and their families.   The ladies made bear meat sloppy Joes, venison and wild rice casserole, a pasta and bear meat hot dish,  a big nesco full of roasted bear meat, salads and desserts.  Really good eats!

After everyone had their fill the Bear Hunter Olympic Games began.  There were 3 events.  Bait bucket relays,  gunny sack races and then a tug of war.  P1080570

P9250018   P9250017
We had our first hard frost last night.  When I got up it was 28 degrees outside.  There was ice in the bird bath and frost on the grass in the open field.P1080601Oh and Toodie has asked me several times if there’s fish out in the pond .  I knew there were small ones, because we see them jumping and the kingfisher fishes for them.  The other day when the water was coming over the dam, this little guy went overboard.  I don't know what kind of fish this is.  Just know it's small.


Toodie said...

Oh what great photos! Love seeing the tirteen point buck is still alive. It sounds like a great time for all with delicious food! I've had bear roast and it was delish.
Oh thank you for showing me there's fish in your pond. I swear there's gotta be a biggin in there! But that's the fisherwoman's creed I have ;-)

Beth said...

It all sounds like fun except for the bear meat. I am not up for that no matter how delicious it tastes.
Your photos are great.

GreatGranny said...

Sounds like everyone had a fun time and good food, never tasted bear, sounds interesting.