Boat Ride

Come along if you’d like a tour of the pond. 

Today our guide Jim will be the Captain of the Queen of the Waterways. P1080274

She’s a trusty old row boat that used to be part of the Kilbourn Volunteer Fire Department’s rescue unit.  When not in use on the pond, she’s a year-round shelter to one of the bunny families that calls this place home.
P1080278Here we are, heading out in the from the little corner where Jim docks the boat.  This is one of Barney’s favorite spots.  It’s closest to the trees that he’d love to sink his teeth into.  Jim has put wire fencing around the big ones so he won’t be able to knock them down.


There’s lots of this pink stuff growing out there.  P1080261_thumb

One of the few points of interest is Barney’s Lodge.  It’s been out there since before we bought our place in 1992.  This winter it will be home to Barney and at least two other beavers.P1080266 
Here I am, enjoying the ride and the view from the other side.
P1080267-3The only other point of interest is the dam.  Barney and gang have added mud and sticks to this whole side.   They’ve done a good job of keeping the water where they want it. P1080276 

It’s been two days now since I’ve seen a hummingbird, so I’m pretty sure they’ve all passed through on their way south.  When the sun gets far enough around, the feeder becomes very popular to the bees.  We let them get their fill, as long as there aren’t any hummers around for them to harass.
P1080246Tonight we’re going to the last cookout hosted by Sherry & Terry’s cousin Jake and his wife Linda.  We met them last month and he’s as nice and fun as his cousins.   Should be a fun time.  Sure wish you all could come along too.


Terry said...

Tell Jake and Linda hello for us, and a hello to you and Jim too. Sure wish we could be there cooking out with you. What fun we would have.

Toodie said...

Very nice tour and Jim did a good job driving. Looks so fun. Do you ever try fishing? I would. That wolf print is big! Have a fun time!!

Terry said...

Oh, and I love the boat tour.

Beth said...

Enjoyed the tour and the pictures.

john bord said...

a row boat out across the pond
a romantic venture
an adventure

Elaine said...

Well thank you for that boat tour, love seeing your pictures. Looks like Barney has made himself and friends a fine lodge for the winter.

Sherry said...

Wow, I wonder just how big that wolf is. I wouldn't want to run into him when he's hungry.
Love that you are visiting Jake and Linda. They are a fun couple!
the boat ride looked fun and relaxing at the same time. I bet you had the idea of having to close up the cabin and come home for winter.