Besides changing the page on the calendar, lots of other things are changing around here.  Like the temperatures.  Whoa!  Last week we were in the 90’s.  This morning was a chilly 37 degrees.
The variety of birds have switched completely.  There’s still a couple hummingbirds passing through, but every day more winter birds are appearing.  Woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees and blue jays.  Gone are the towhees, catbirds, bluebirds and rose breasted grosbeaks.

The deer have changed from their pretty red summer coats to the darker winter hair.

Aug 8

Sept 1 buck
The bucks are starting to rub the velvet  off their antlers.  Kind of scraggly looking isn’t it?

Sept 4 buck with velvet
Of course at this time of year, the trees and brush start changing too.  Lots of maples are showing off their pretty leaves.  The ferns and ash trees have turned yellow and brown.  Different kinds of red berries are visible now that the leaves have fallen off.  The days are becoming so much shorter and it gets dark so fast, too.  I really love fall with all the changes and pretty colors.  In my perfect world, I’d want it to be fall all year long.

The other night we tried another choice edible mushroom.  I made a chicken and wild rice dish and added some pear shaped puffballs to it.  Oh my goodness…was it ever good!  Don’t worry, I’m very careful about picking and eating these.  I double, triple and quadruple check each variety before I even consider picking it and the research is well worth it.   There’s nothing fresher or naturally organic than these things.  They taste and smell so good, nothing like store bought button mushrooms.   And they’re right out the door just waiting to be enjoyed.

Pear shaped puffball-1

Pear shaped puffball


Beth said...

I love the fall of the year too. And even though I get another year older in September it remains my favorite month of the year.
I love mushrooms and I have eaten many of the wild ones in my younger days.
I love your pictures and I envy the lovely things you have up there to see.
It got down to 49 here last night.

Ramblingon said...

It was 52 here last night. The Dogwood berries are starting to turn red now. few leaves on the ground here and there. But the ones remaining on the trees are verdant green still.

I love Fall as well with Spring right behind. I like Winter but not as much as Summer. Like Beth, I love September with its promise of cooler weather to come while still baking you with the 90's almost every day.

The deer are beautiful as they always are. I love you all's stealth cam.

Toodie said...

I hope the buck survives the year. That antler rack is enormous! The scraggly pic you called it looks like a bad rack day. (lol). I'd love to see color changes where you are. None here yet. I wore pants today, chilly. Not that I don't wear pants when it's hot. Peddle pushers may have to be packed away. Those shrooms look like marshmellows! Yum cocoa!

Anonymous said...

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