The Big Mushroom

Yesterday while out walking in the Bird Sanctuary, we saw a couple of Giant Puffball mushrooms growing along the side of the road.  We debated whether we should pick one or not.  I took a good look at them and didn’t like the bug holes in the bigger one.  When we got back to the cabin, I looked them up in my mushroom book and saw that they’re another choice edible mushroom, with no poisonous look alike.  So I’m thinking, we should’ve picked one of them. 

Later in the afternoon Jim was mowing the grass and lo and behold, there was a perfect puffball growing right across the road from us.  He picked it, I examined it and we determined we’d have some of it with our supper.  P8290001
This is a medium to small one….around 7” or so across.
P8290002 I sliced it up, trimmed off the outer edge and pan fried it in a little butter.  This was the freshest, tastiest mushroom I’ve ever had.  It smelled like the button mushrooms you buy in the store, but tasted 100 times better.  We’re having the other half tonight and will keep our eyes open for more.  These are seriously good mushrooms!


Toodie said...

Oh boy that looks good! Shroom hunt is in your future. Wildlife and shrooms in your own backyard. Sounds like ah line from Wizard of Oz eh? Who knew?

CAROLDEE said...

SIS sure am glad you have that little book to tell you what is safe to eat etc. I have NEVER seen one so large.. WOW!! Glad it tasted good too. I am not a real mushroom fan but that certainly is cool and what even's FREE! : )

Ramblingon said...

Um...yesssss...mushhates, I mean mushrooms. What's not to love? Serious though, glad you had a positive experience and I had no doubt you would have determined them safe first.

Elaine said...

I would love to try that! How lucky you and Jim are to have such delicacies in your own back yard.

Beth said...

I love mushrooms but do post again tomorrow so we will know that you and Jim are OK. Just kidding as I know you made sure it was safe before you ate it.

Lady Penelope said...

I always wonder about mushrooms, and If we had to fend for ourselves, no supermarkets, I'd probably starve.!!
But those look marvellous to eat, fried with bacon and tomatoes, yummy. .. feeling hungry now. xx