Row, Row, Row Your Boat

The last time the pond was as high as it is now was in 2000.  Back then if Jim was going to use his hunting stand behind the cabin, he had to row, row, row to get out there.  The other day, he decided it was time to get the little boat and oars out again.  So he fires up the ATV, ties the boat rope onto it and drags it down to the pond.   Unconventional?  Nah, anything goes around here.

boat launching

Good old Barney and the other 2 beavers have continued working overtime and are doing a good job of keeping the water on their side of the dam.  We had lots of rain again last week and now it’s impossible for Jim to walk along the side of the pond without the water going over his boots.    Here he is on his 2010 maiden voyage to the other side of the pond.P8200008

Here’s a picture I took the day after the big rain.  Usually at this time of the year, the Moose River is so low, you can walk across the rocks and the flow is only on the left side.  Moose River-2The water is still high, but nothing like this.  Anyone got a kayak?


Toodie said...

I'd say there's no drought up there eh? Looks fun pulling the boat. Did you git ah ride? Jim wasn't wearing a Viking hat rowing across. Moose river sure looks to be a rushing one. Love the hummer photo up in the corner. Have ah great day, and give Molly ah hug.

Terry said...

It sure is pretty up north. The lake where we were at was beautiful and watching the eagles was amazing. We even had one of those planes that lands on water come in and out a couple days. Awed the kids.

Barney and buddies are doing a good job. "Go Jim Go"

Beth said...

That is a bunch of water. Jim looks like he is having a good time in the boat though!

Elaine said...

Can't believe how much rain you've had. Hard to believe in the bottom picture you're normally able to walk across the rocks. Maybe all this precipitation means you'll have less this winter ;-)

Admiral Hestorb said...

Man, you guys have really REALLY gotten the rain. Are the skeeters about the size of the hummingbirds by now?

Sherry said...

It's so pretty up there. I really hated coming home. Now I wish I'd listened to Bill years ago when he wanted to buy up there lol.