Yesterday we took our morning walk in the Bird Sanctuary.  This is a really cool place.   It’s a 4000 acre wildlife area with lots of hiking trails, birds and wildlife.  This is the same place where we had the badger encounter earlier this summer.Wildflowers in the bird sanctuary.We were driving back home and there on the edge of the road I could see a badger sticking it’s head out of a hole.  Like always, Jim stopped and backed up so I could get a picture.  I was so glad it was on my side of the road.  This time I had the security of the truck, so there was no danger, no hissing or snarling.  
badger in bird sanctuary

I’m starting to notice lots of changes around here.  The hummingbirds are  still here, but most of the pretty summer birds have moved on.  More of the winter birds are coming to the feeders now.   There’s still a goose family hanging around the pond and a couple ducks with them.    The beavers are repairing the old lodge which makes me think they’re moving back in after years of being empty.

Young Hairy WoodpeckerHere’s a young hairy woodpecker trying to figure out the finch feeder. 

Fall is just around the corner.  I feel like we’re getting a slight preview today.  Much cooler temps, wind from the north and very low humidity.    I wish I could send you all a package full of it to enjoy along with me.  It’s perfect!


Beth said...

I is finally some cooler here today and the humidity is much lower. Great picture of the badger, I didn't realize they had stripes on them.

Toodie said...

That is one great photo of a Badger! He sure is cute though. It was cooler last night and today in the 80's, lots cooler than what we had. The hummers flew away and my feeder hangs lonely. Just swallows right now and morning doves hanging around. This heat has been awful for 40 some days. Take care.

Elaine said...

Great picture of the badger especially considering you were in the truck! He looks pretty content there.

I haven't noticed a change in birds here yet but we're probably a few weeks behind you. Cooler temps and jean weather will be most welcomed by me though!

Ramblingon said...

Here it is still hotter'n a firecracker. Hummers are still hanging till October.

Ramblingon said...

I meant to say I love that first picture especially well. It looks like a water color I need to do. When it cools off I will start to paint again.