Pond Stars

Over the last week, we’ve been on all the regular dirt roads and have seen a deer here and there, but that’s about all.  The main wildlife action is right out our front window.  All that water out there has been very inviting for many birds and ducks.  There’s one duck that  hangs around and I’ve yet to identify it, but it seems to get along okay with the beaver.

P1080014 This morning I saw a great blue heron out on the little island.  I grabbed my camera, went outside, zoomed in all the way and got this picture.  Man, they really have great eyesight.  I tried to get closer and like always, I scared it away.  But I did get it’s picture and when I was editing it, I noticed another bird in the background.  I have no idea what it is.
P1080030 Yesterday, to my surprise a pair of swans landed on the pond.  There’s no way of knowing if they’re the same two that were here this spring.  It doesn’t matter, it’s just nice to see them stop by.

This morning while I was watching the beaver and the mystery duck, I noticed a kingfisher perched on his favorite fishing spot.  I’m always trying to get a good picture of one of them (and I’ll keep trying).  I caught this one just before he slammed into the water to catch a minnow or something.

And finally…I love all the cool spider webs that appear at this time of the year.  P1080026

So there you have last week’s wildlife moments from around the pond.


Beth said...

I love your photos Cindy. The one of the spider web I especially like.

Ramblingon said...

I am crazy about Kingfishers. Neil has gotten a lot of the female Belted Kingfishers but he sure has to be patient to the extreme and stand like a statue and hope they come within lens reach because as with your experience, they fly away of you move.

Toodie said...

You know the first photo my first thought was a baby swan? Look in the background and I see a beaver going left and a wake behind. The Heron has an eye on you and the mystery bird an Osprey?

The swans and King Fisher and the great've outdone yourself. Why heck with the gravel roads right now, they are all in yer backyard! Love your post. Oops sorry my comment was so long. I couldn't help it ;-)

Cindy said...

@Toodie...there's nothing wrong with your eyes! Yes, there was another beaver in that picture. I didn't point it out, because I didn't think anyone would really look for it. Not sure about the osprey. It could be, but we've never seen one out there before. I suppose there's always a first! And with Blogger, there's no such thing as a too long comment.

Dave said...

Beautiful pictures!
This past week, here in town, I saw a coyote moseying up the street behind our house... and a Blue Heron "thought about" checking out our fishpond, but our dogs nixed that idea.
Down at the cabin at the farm, I saw several Turkeys and Deer...but, didn't have the camera handy!

Lady Penelope said...

wonderful, wonderful pictures of the wildlife, Gives you a feeling of being there, and experiencing it all through your lens. xx