Overtime for the Beavers

After hearing and seeing the rushing water last week, yesterday Jim went out to see what the heck caused it.   When we look out at the pond in front of our cabin, there’s another one…or I should say there used to be another one… to the northeast.  We always figured that’s where the beavers lived, but apparently they didn’t take very good care of the dam by that pond.  This is what that pond looks like now.  Be happy you can’t smell it…P U !

P8073292 It also explains why they’re working ferociously on maintaining the other dam.  One of them tried to gnaw down this tree, but gave up.  Hopefully they’ll be happy with all the little alder brush growing on this side of the dam.

They’re really amazing animals.  I’d love to have seen how they got this big ol’ water soaked log up from the bottom of the pond and on top of the dam.  It’s got to be 5 or 6 feet long and I can’t even guess how much it weighs.


He’s such a busy beaver and Mother Nature’s  engineer.


Beth said...

Really great pictures. Amazing creature, the beaver.

Ramblingon said...

It is such a joy to see these animals and all of them that you're fortunate enough to have living right there in the Northern paradise you're all three living in.

I would love to spend a few days in such environs. My camera would be on fire from all of the pictures. :-)

Toodie said...

Molly's tongue hangin out she's saying "Blech!" LOL! Did the water rush into your pond? Great photos as always Cindy. Those beavers sure are busy you'll have to put a construction sign up! Hugs!

Terry said...

Great pictures as always. It would have been cool to see how they hauled that log up there. What a neat video that would have been.

Dave Bell said...

Very enjoyable site you have here! I really enjoyed the pictures and descriptions of "the happenings" around the place.
And yes, I can identify with the relief you echoed concerning the tree not hitting the outhouse. We have a "brand spanking new one' at our cabin.