May 14, 2014

Today I decided it was time to download the pictures on the camera that usually travels in the truck with me.  There's quite an assortment.  Here's a sampling of a weeks worth of pictures from around here.
Ummm. I'm thinking the weight of the snow was just a little too much for those supports.
This isn't the only structure around here with damage from heavy snow.
We've had quite a bit of rain lately and this road is now closed.
This hole has been repaired.
There was still some snow along the edge of the road and an opportunity for Jim to make a couple snowballs.
This one got to go for a ride with us. 
It was surprising how long it stuck to the hood before sliding off.
Jim pruned out a bunch of brush in front of my blind so I won't have a lot of pictures that look like the next one.
See that branch?  It's not going to be a problem any more.
Always good seeing deer that survived the horribly cold and snowy winter up here. 
Some of our favorite spring birds. Two Gray Catbirds and a Baltimore Oriole. This year I learned besides oranges, they'll also eat grapefruit.
Yesterday we took a walk between the "scattered showers" and I was in the right place at the right time when this train came along.  
Shortly after the sky looked like this and it was raining again even with the sun out.


Nancy said...

Love the action shot of the snowball Jim threw. Wow what damage to the road. That's great that Jim cleared the brush for you. All nice shots Cindy.