May 20, 2014

Slowly but surely it's looking like spring around here.  We had a lot of rain yesterday as you can see by the rain gauge.  We got most of that over night.
Here are two pictures to compare the difference that much rain makes in the pond.  I took the first picture on Sunday, the second one on Tuesday.

I've been seeing some wildflowers and mushrooms, although these aren't edible.  Soon the yummy oyster mushrooms should be popping out.    

The other day when I was sitting in my blind I saw a couple turtles sunning themselves along the edge.  All of a sudden something goes swimming by them!  Whoa!  Are the beavers back?  No...it was a muskrat.

They're kinda ugly critters, but they do have nice fur and are still trapped around here.
Another sign of spring is seeing all the lonely and confused yearling deer.  This poor thing is so tiny, but she's a real trooper to have survived the cold and snow of last winter.  Her mama should be having new fawns any day now.  This little one was right up by the cabin.  I think she was hoping someone would come out with a bucket of corn for her.  Hint hint....maybe later this afternoon.

And finally the grass is getting green and there are leaves growing on some of the trees!  Yay!  


CAROLDEE said...

So glad things are beginning to SPRING forward from the ground there. Sure makes the critters start moving around a lot. Smelled a SKUNK the other night.. darn just when I wanted to keep my windows open. Hmmm
Have a great weekend!