May 16, 2014

Another camera, another set of random pictures
 Jim was busy building blue bird boxes.  He ended up making 9 of them and we placed them around the 20 acre field next to our cabin.
This house and barn look like something from an old western movie.

A bittern that thinks I can't see him.  It really blends in though, doesn't it?
These two are my favorite neighborhood critters!  I don't know their names, but we call them Fjord and Dusty. The horse is a Fjord horse and the donkey always looks so dusty.  Real original, huh?
Some actual signs of spring!  Wildflowers and ferns.
 If you feed them, they will come.  These birds can't get enough grape jelly and orange halves.
This is a new visitor, it's a Cape May Warbler.
 A Gray Catbird and female Baltimore Oriole
A Rose Breasted Grosbeak and Gray Catbird.
And last but not least, this is still a very common sign around here.  Roads are closed because they're deep in mud, the culverts are plugged or a beaver has backed up some creek and now the road is under water.  Notice how little green there is in all of these pictures.  But one of these days spring will pop and we'll be complaining about bugs, heat and humidity!  
That's all for now!


Nancy said...

Beautiful birds. Jelly huh? It will warm up soon I'm sure. Nice photos.

CAROLDEE said...

Gosh I sure love these pics.. wow great barn and house.. I bet the house is older than the barn though. Neat birds and boy Jim has been busy building etc.. Hope your weather warms up just a bit.. me I don't mind you say soon we will be complaining. Take care