June 5, 2014

It's finally all green up here.  It seemed like it happened over night.  This picture shows how it changed in a two week period.
It's been raining quite a bit and the mosquito crop is thriving.  WOW!  They're so bad this year that's it's hard to go out for a walk without having to douse myself with bug spray which I really hate.  We've been seeing quite a few deer along the roads and I'm guessing they're trying to escape the swarms of bugs in the deep woods.  This one may be confused by all the signs on this road.  When I took a close look at this picture, I couldn't believe all the signs in it.
Here's the oriole nest we can see from our living room.  It's really interesting watching the male chase off any intruders.  Doesn't matter what size it is.  He's the guardian of this nest.

Here's another picture of the eagle nest with mama eagle sitting on her eggs.

Here's mama flicker keeping an eye on me!
These pictures from the trail cam are all visitors we didn't know were here for a visit.  We were really surprised to see the goose family.  No idea where they're hiding out, but we haven't seen any of them around here for quite a few days.  

That's all for now!


Peaceful said...

amazing how everything gets green so quickly
oh trail cam pics, love those!