June 6, 2014

Yesterday we finally found some oyster mushrooms.  We were driving on one of our favorite dirt roads and because of a road closed sign, we went straight instead of turning left.  Well, that worked out very well for us.  I was scanning the dead fall and all of a sudden I saw what I was looking for!  A big white clump of fresh oyster mushrooms!  Jim snapped it off and we were both surprised how heavy it was!  I'm sure it weighed over a pound.  So now we knew we had to scope out the area to see if there were any more.  
Yes!  There were these.....that we'll go back and get in a day or so.
And these....that are a little past prime, but probably still okay.
We took them home and I knew I was going to cook them up for supper.  I caramelized some Vidalia onions, toasted a couple ciabatta buns and grated some tasty Wisconsin cheese and topped it off with these wonderful mushrooms.  Oooh, so good!

Then the strangest thing happened.  While I was cooking, I looked out the window and there growing on one of our trees were OYSTER MUSHROOMS!  I couldn't believe my eyes!

This morning Jim got out the pole pruner and knocked these bad boys down.  
It's supposed to be cool tomorrow so it will be a perfect day to make some type of wild rice dish and load it up with mushrooms.  

Thank you Mother Nature.  


CAROLDEE said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back here..amazing that they were growing right in your yard. Not a real mushroom fan, but FREE is my kind of bargain. Glad you had a tasty meal.