Babies, Babies and More Babies

There’s a tree behind the outhouse that’s home to a sapsucker family.  The little ones have been very vocal for about a week now.  Mom and Dad have been busy flying around getting good eats for the brood.  This one looks like it’s about ready to fly off on it’s own.
Baby Sapsucker
Then while I was getting dressed for the day I looked out the window and here comes a Mallard duck family.  Today was the first time we’ve seen this group.  Nine little ones all in a row.  Cute, huh?
Mother Mallard & 9 DucklingsThis morning we did our morning walk on the same road where I had the badger hiss at me.   We’re walking along, into the wind and I see a doe out ahead of us.  We call Molly back and surprisingly she actually came!  See the doe out there on the right?   Molly with doe in the background
I start taking more pictures and I see a little one with her. 
Doe and Fawn
No, make that two little ones.
Doe and 2 fawns
She sees us and off  they go. 
They're off and running!

See why they’re called Whitetails?Around the corner from the badger hole.
Still waiting for the bluebirds to hatch.  Mrs. Blue kept a close eye on me as I took her picture.
Mrs Blue giving me the eye.
Right next to their bird house is a house full of tree swallows.  It won’t be long and this one will be flying around on it’s own and eating lots of bugs.Hungry Tree SwallowIt’s no wonder I like it up here so much.  There’s never a dull moment. 


Toodie said...

Oh Cindy a wonderful post as always! I just love the photos of the babies and Molly of course too. Dog gone it if it wasn't so cold up there in the winter..... I have never seen swallows in a bird house before, only mud nests under eves. Cool! Have a happy weekend!

Toodie said...

I the twins and the nineuplets too!

Beth said...

Lovely, lovely babies. The pictures are great. I have seen a yellow bellied sapsucker pecking away on the oak tree in my front yard. It is such fun watching the birds.

Terry said...

Babies are so special whether the human or animal kind. Great pictures. I so love your blogs with all the wildlife.

CAROLDEE said...

You are so right Sis.. never a dull minute.. I love seeing all the wildlife. I love the ducks in a row. People just don't know they really do follow one another. It's so cute to see. Thanks for sharing these.. : )

Curtis said...

Sigh...I like it here.

Ramblingon said...

I am like everyone else who commented here. Your blog is something I always look forward to. It;s a joy to read AND to see.

Kerri said...

Great post!!!

JennyD said...

Cindy, I landed here totally by a lucky accident and this has been the BEST visit! Funny thing is, we have a bunch of people in common and I didn't even realize that before, lol. What a lucky, lucky day for me :) finding your site.
See you SOON for sure. I am now a happy follower.
(...and hi, Curtis, hi, Toodie, hi, Beth ;) )

Lady Penelope said...

Isn't nature wonderful, new babies everywhere you look, and yes, I see now why they call the deer White Tails, self explanatory really. Even a beginner like me... Wonderful photo's Cindy, it;ls lovely seeing your neighbourhood 'residents' through your eyes..thank you..xx

Kimmy said...

I found you! I don't think I've been in touch since we left for vacation. I'm following now so I should be able to keep up. I've missed seeing what's going on in your neck of the woods. The wildlife never ceases to impress me up there girl. Those little duckies are too cute! We have another nest of baby blues too. They should be taking off within the next 2 wks.