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More Wildlife Moments

Yesterday when we were crossing the St. Croix River, this turtle was right up there on the bridge. It’s an Eastern Spiny Softshell.  A very strange looking turtle, especially when it runs.  It looks kind of like a frisbee with legs. (Note: I said I wouldn’t guarantee there’d be no more turtle pictures). P1120005P1110998

And when we were about a mile or so from the cabin, two small bears crossed the road in front of us.  We pulled over to see if they would come back out and sure enough, in less than a minute they did!


One of them took off never to be seen again, but the other one hung around so I could take it’s picture.  Wasn’t that nice?P1120009P1120016

I had a Duh! wildlife moment the other day.  I saw this dragonfly on top of my garden flag, so I went into the cabin to get my camera before it flew off.  I took pictures from all different angles, hoping to get a decent one. P1110907

When I was ready to change the flag I tried to flick it off, so it would fly away.  Well duh, it was dead!  The only place that dragonfly was going was in my hand…P1110914

and on the little glider seat of the swing set where the flags hang.  Duh! P1110916

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Fawns and More Turtle Pictures

On our travels around the ‘hood, we’re seeing more and more fawns.  They sure do grow up fast.


When we pulled into a parking lot, these two were right out in front of the truck with Mom bringing up the rear.  (All of these pictures were taken through the front window, so they’re not exactly crystal clear).P1110980

They followed Mom as she jumped over the tall grass and disappeared.P1110983-1

I can’t guarantee this will be the last snapping turtle picture I’m going to share with you, but I couldn’t believe this one.  She’s got algae growing on her shell and looks like some kind of little bugs too.  And if that’s not bad enough, there’s a slug on her head.P1110978But she was laying more eggs and most likely whatever comes along, digs them up and eats them will do that again.  It’s no wonder they lay so many eggs.  This article says 30-80.  I’m thinking it could be more.P1110977 

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This week it rained for three days straight.  It’s always good to get rainfall, but that was a little too much.  With the beavers gone, it caused the dam to get washed out even more and the water level in the pond is dropping.  But that’s okay, it’s all part of nature.  This shows the water rushing through the opening.  P1110780

All the rain has caused the lake levels to rise too.  The pier on this lake is under water.  I know, this is nothing compared to the flooding going on all over the country.  I feel very bad for all those people and their communities.Lk St Croix high water-2

Last night we heard there was a sink hole on our road and had to go investigate. P1110875-1

Apparently the old culvert gave out.  The workers replaced it and now it’s just another bump in the road.P1110893

On our way back to the cabin, we saw this deer that was totally freaked out by a turtle.  It was really funny watching her.  She should’ve run off when our truck came along but she couldn’t take her eyes off that turtle.P1110877P1110881

Finally she ran off, but not very far.  Even from the edge of the pines, she couldn’t stop looking at that turtle!P1110886

  Funny little doe.

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The Next Generation

We’re starting to see lots of fawns now as well as other little ones.  Here’s one of two little gray foxes that were denned near the road. P1110667 This was the last day I saw the robins in the nest.  They’re out fending for themselves now.P1110621These turtles didn’t make it.  I know I’ve showed you lots of pictures of turtles laying eggs, but this is what happens to many of them.  Raccoons dig them up and all that’s left are the shells.P1110693P1110692Here is a mother grouse and if you look real close you can see a couple little ones.  Hint:  see the stick in the left corner?  To the right of it are dark spots that are the tail feathers of the little birds.grouse with little ones...tower fire rd We’ve driven by this nest many times and I just noticed it.  It’s some type of young hawk.hawk nest on empire-2And finally last night the little doe and her new fawn came to visit.  This picture is from the trail cam.  Much better than the ones I took through 3 panes of glass.  PICT0277On the other cam, we saw this future “monster buck”.  He’ll need a few years, but they all start small. SUNP0094

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What a Day !

…for seeing wildlife.  On our way into town this morning I noticed something really black along the edge of the road and sure enough, a bear!  Here’s a little video I made with pictures I took through the truck window.  That’s part of why it’s so hazy.

June 17, 2011

A little further down the same road were two turtles, laying eggs.  One on my side, one on Jim’s side.  The second one looks like she’s really working hard to push that egg out!  P1110523


We took a walk on the Brule Bog Boardwalk and it was like being in a fairyland with lots of ferns, flowers, mushrooms and moss.  Anyway, my friend Anna told me that was a good place to look for pink lady slippers.  I’d never seen one, so I didn’t know exactly what or where to look for them.  Well, I’ll be darned!  After finally spotting one we saw them were all over the place. This has to be the most beautiful flower in the bog.  P1110584

There were lots and lots of bugs, so it was take the pictures as fast as possible and get the heck out of there.P1110592


The wildlife spottings continued on our way back home.  We saw a gray fox run across the road in front of us and closer to home a doe with 2 little fawns did the same.  Then we see this big ol’ buzzard.  Most likely there’s a dead critter somewhere nearby and this turkey vulture wants to get back to it.  A face only a mother could love?  P1110611

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Turtle Time in the Northland

It doesn’t matter where we go, we see turtles going to lay eggs, laying eggs or where they’ve already laid eggs.

Some do it in the middle of the road.


Some on the edge of the road.P1110423P1110426

Some don’t like having their picture taken and try to run away.P1110393painted turtle by driveway (3)P1110392

There are turtles out on the little island in the pond.  They hang out there, laying eggs and even let the wood duck join their party.


These two like their privacy along the edge of the pond.P1110471

This one has a face only its mother could love.P1110403

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Three Times a Charm

On our way to Superior we saw our third fawn of the year.  This time it was right in the middle of the road with it’s mom.  

doe and fawn Co Rd M

They kept running down the road and we slowly followed behind them, trying to get close, but also trying not to spook them.doe and fawn Co Rd M-6

Finally Mom hung a hard left and little one did the same thing.doe and fawn Co Rd M-5

Hopefully the next one will stand still so I can get a decent picture of it.

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Wildflower Rainbow

The wildflowers were slow to start this spring, but it seems like everyday a new one is appearing along the roadside.   columbine




Forget-me-nots are my favorites.