This week it rained for three days straight.  It’s always good to get rainfall, but that was a little too much.  With the beavers gone, it caused the dam to get washed out even more and the water level in the pond is dropping.  But that’s okay, it’s all part of nature.  This shows the water rushing through the opening.  P1110780

All the rain has caused the lake levels to rise too.  The pier on this lake is under water.  I know, this is nothing compared to the flooding going on all over the country.  I feel very bad for all those people and their communities.Lk St Croix high water-2

Last night we heard there was a sink hole on our road and had to go investigate. P1110875-1

Apparently the old culvert gave out.  The workers replaced it and now it’s just another bump in the road.P1110893

On our way back to the cabin, we saw this deer that was totally freaked out by a turtle.  It was really funny watching her.  She should’ve run off when our truck came along but she couldn’t take her eyes off that turtle.P1110877P1110881

Finally she ran off, but not very far.  Even from the edge of the pines, she couldn’t stop looking at that turtle!P1110886

  Funny little doe.


texwisgirl said...

oh that's too cute! the doe and the turtle. could be a children's book... :)

Horst in Edmonton said...

Great photos, Cindy. It is amazing that the Doe was so enchanted with the Turtle. We have had a few wash outs in our part of the world as well. Unreal as to how much rain is happening in North America.

Tammy said...

Funny how that doe is looking at the turtle. We had a sink hole /washed out culvert on our road last year due to all the rain too.

Beth said...

That is one cute photo of the deer eying the turtle. Love it!

Nancy said...

Rain here too. You think the doe wanted to help the turtle across the road? Great photos Cindy! Glad the sink hole is fixed and hopefully nobody fell or drove in it.

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

That is funny. Such a ferocious turle, lol. Great pictures. Do you think the beavers will ever come back?

Sherry said...

Oh No! Now the beavers are homeless. I hope they rebuild, they were fascinating! The pic of the deer and turtle is cute. It's funny what they find interesting. I doubt the deer thought it was food but she sure was watching it. I know what you mean about the rain, I'm sick of it too. It has been nice the last 2 days tho so I hope it sticks around awhile!