Not always pretty

A few blogs down, I have a picture of a swallowtail butterfly that was sunning itself on a fern.  I thought it was very pretty.  Lately we’ve been seeing swarms of them in the road and today I had Jim slow down so I could get a picture before they all flew off.  Did you know butterflies get salts and minerals from animal poop?  These are really getting into a pile of fresh bear poop.  In my opinion, this isn’t pretty!swallowtails on bear poopAnother not so pretty thing I saw the other day was a leach.  This one was in a puddle and I can’t help but wonder how it got there?  There’s a pond nearby, but it’s not connected to this puddle in any way. 

leach-2Mrs. Robin and Mrs. Phoebe both let me take their pictures this week.mrs robin


They’re still sitting on their eggs.  The Bluebirds and tree swallows are busy flying in and out of their bird houses getting bugs for their babies. 


This morning I sat out in my blind again.  As usual the lighting was intense and of course that was the time a deer came out in the open.  I was looking for fawns, but didn’t see any.  It is nice to see they finally have their pretty summer coats on.deer seen from blind-3Every week new wildflowers starts to bloom.  This one is an Indian Paintbrush.indian paintbrsh


Sherry said...

Ewwwwwwww I hate leach's! They give me the heebie jeebies. I didn't know that about butterfly's and now I'll have a whole different reaction if they land on my shoulder lol.

Beth said...

EEK I'm with Sherry! The photos are all very good, I love the paintbrush flower.

Nancy said...

I haddah hold on moment thinking you said 'fresh bear poop' and you wondered how the leach got in the puddle. Um my thoughts were about a bear near by????? Oh but you and Jim are upnort savy so I won't worry. Great photos Cindy. Yes there is ah not so purty side of me first thing in the morning!

texwisgirl said...

ha ha! i always laugh when i walk the yard picking up dog poo and have to shoo the butterflies off of it! ha!

i learned to backfloat in a dammed up creek in central wisconsin that was full of leeches. we'd sneak into the cow pasture, knock off a corner from the salt lick and use it to get the leeches to release from our skin. :)

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

Great pictures. So many butterflies together like that is awesome. Not thrilled with their idea of lunch, lol.

texwisgirl said...

to answer your question, no hunting done with dogs at our place. they hunt on their own for any varmint or critter that come onto the property though. Catahoulas were actually bred for wild boar hunting so are rather tough dogs. they're also used for coon hunting, and they've gotten plenty of those on their own here... :)