Fawns and More Turtle Pictures

On our travels around the ‘hood, we’re seeing more and more fawns.  They sure do grow up fast.


When we pulled into a parking lot, these two were right out in front of the truck with Mom bringing up the rear.  (All of these pictures were taken through the front window, so they’re not exactly crystal clear).P1110980

They followed Mom as she jumped over the tall grass and disappeared.P1110983-1

I can’t guarantee this will be the last snapping turtle picture I’m going to share with you, but I couldn’t believe this one.  She’s got algae growing on her shell and looks like some kind of little bugs too.  And if that’s not bad enough, there’s a slug on her head.P1110978But she was laying more eggs and most likely whatever comes along, digs them up and eats them will do that again.  It’s no wonder they lay so many eggs.  This article says 30-80.  I’m thinking it could be more.P1110977 


texwisgirl said...

that first fawn photo is so beautiful! such a prancy little thing!

poor sluggy turtle... :)

Nancy said...

Oh I love touring your hood. That turtle means business! I like the turtle pics. Have a great day!!!

Horst in Edmonton said...

You are so lucky to have all these beautiful creatures around you. Even the snapping Turtle.

Sherry said...

It's been a busy season up there again this year. I can't wait to see what's next.

Tammy said...

I always love the fawns, but boy, that close up of the turtle is great. She doesn't seem bothered by the slug and bugs.

Peaceful said...

Love that first fawn pic :)
I saw a huge snapper like abit ago- standing up crossing a road- I felt like I was watching, well I WAS watching a dinosaur!!