September 30, 2013

The last day of September!  Wow where did that month go?  

We were busy last week. Monday we had a nice visit with my brother and his wife.  They stopped on their way up to Duluth.  They arrived in this bright yellow convertible, compliments of The Dream Foundation, which is like Make a Wish for adults.  My brother has cancer and wanted to travel in a convertible.  The Dream Foundation came through for him. 

On Thursday we took a trip up to Ely, Minnesota to drop off a donation at the North American Bear Center.  Earlier this summer they asked for donations for their new addition, Jim decided it would be a nice place for the bear mount he had done several years ago.  We had a great time up there and they were very appreciative, showed us around and took our picture with Dr. Lynn Rogers.


Friday night was the fund raiser for our local fire department that lost everything in a fire the week before.  It was totally unbelievable!  The organizers did a fantastic job of getting donations, preparing food and all the others details necessary for a successful fund raiser.  We couldn't believe the turnout!  I'm guessing there were over a thousand people there.  Many were firemen from other communities, even from Minnesota.  The biggest thrill of the night was when Enbridge (an pipeline company) announced they were donating $25,000!

This is what the fire house looks like now.  For the time being, they have several fire trucks and other fire fighting equipment on loan from other volunteer departments.  The whole event was very heart warming. 

We've been out enjoying the fantastic fall weather and beautiful color around here and it's been gorgeous!  

On Sunday we saw these two porcupines. Glad they weren't around here!

Today we went down by the Cut Away Dam and thought it looked like November around there. Almost all the leaves were gone except for the under brush.  Even so, it was a pretty stop on the last day of September. 


Peaceful said...

how amazing he got to do that!
I love the noise porky-pines make so cute :)
lovely fall photos

CAROLDEE said...

OH Sis sending my prayers to your brother for complete recovery. I send you and the family love and prayers too. The photos are wonderful and so glad you had a nice time together visiting and seeing the sights. The photos of the fire engines are just so horrible..I do hope eventually things will get better there. Stay warm and well.. :-)