October 3, 2013

On Tuesday we found more Chicken in the Woods mushrooms growing on the tree where we harvested some over a week ago.

I wanted to do so thing different with them, so I did a google search and found this recipe and decided to make it for supper.  I had almost all the ingredients and hoped that 5 hours of marinating would do...well, it was long enough and the end result was awesome!  

We've become somewhat obsessed with looking for them and were doing the happy dance yesterday when we spotted some growing on a tree down the road from us.  Too bad they were past their prime.  Besides looking for mushrooms, we've been enjoying the fall color, I really wish it would last longer.  Anyway, whîle out yesterday I got a picture of an eagle and deer along the same road.

And another wooly bear caterpillar. 

These leaves wanted to go for a ride with us.

Surprising how long they stuck to the window.

And this last picture is from one of my favorite places up here.  It's at Bear Lake...a beautiful spot with only one home on it. 


That's real wild rice growing in the water along most of the shoreline.  

It's raining now and is supposed to continue for most of the weekend.  That should take care of most of the leaves, but who know about the mushrooms!


Nancy said...

You did great finding mushrooms. It all looks delish. I so enjoy your photos. Bear Lake looks awesome! Real rice, wow. I can see your Fall colors. Now the maple leaf on window is so cute.