September 18, 2013

Well, it's almost the first day of fall and were starting to see many signs of it.  Waterfowl...lots of ducks and geese are around.  The leaves are starting to change colors, we're pretty sure we've seen the last hummingbird, bear hunters are getting frustrated because some bears are already in their dens and the deer have lost their pretty summer coats and are growing hair for the winter.  Here's an assortment of early fall pictures from around the 'hood.

Quack, quack quack quack quack quack ...

Lots of ducks

Twenty two turkeys in our neighbors hay field.  I like the one on top of the round bale.

22 turkeys

Two sandhill cranes in a different hay field.


The neighbors steer and other cattle hanging around the ol' watering hole. 


Deer fattening up on acorns.

And a major sign of fall...the first frost.

I saw goldfinches trying to get a drink out of this frozen mess.  Didn't happen until a couple hours later.Not my picture!

(Don't know whose picture this is...but I wish it were mine!)


CAROLDEE said... is it a sign that winter will come early having the Bears hibernate so soon? Seems early to me. I hope we don't have a longggg drawn out winter. Those are soo costly and hard to deal with. Photos are great..I love the one with the turkeys and the hay. That one is a lookout for the others I bet. Boy when they run or fly they can move fast. Nice update,enjoyed it. :-)

Peaceful said...

I love the photos!
I love the cooler weather.
Seems a bit early for the bears though, guess they ate well.
Leaves havent turned by the shore yet.