September 11, 2013

First I want to show one of the first patriotic things I saw this morning.  We went to Minong to do laundry and outside was a flag at half staff.  Today is one of those days that we'll never forget where we were and how we felt twelve years ago.

Today was also the first day we've seen these mushrooms.  Several years ago we saw them growing on this tree but we were too chicken to try them. Since then we've learned a lot about picking wild mushrooms and know this is considered one of the fool proof four.  

For the past two years every time we drive past this tree we look for the bright yellow/orange chicken of the woods mushroom.  Today as we drove by I thought I saw one, we backed up and sure enough they are just starting to grow on this oak tree.  I'll pan fry it tonight and if we really like it, we'll go back tomorrow for more.

I also saw this bolete growing near our driveway.  Not sure if it's an edible and I'm not going to risk it.

One more thing to love about fall...wild mushrooms!


CAROLDEE said...

Mushrooms are something I just never did care for..I like the look of them though. That last one looks like it needs a little elf sitting under it.. heheh ..glad the humid weather is behind us for now.. enjoy the fall.