September 19, 2013

Mushrooms!  I do believe most of these popped up overnight. We've had some rain, last night was very warm and today they were everywhere!  The orange ones (chicken in the woods) in the center are (were) delicious!  The rest and poisonous or inedible.


We had a good shower around noon today and later in the afternoon we took a drive around looking for more Chicken in the Woods mushrooms.  We didn't find any, but we sure saw a lot of deer and turkeys.  I took some pictures of the turkeys, but they were bad, really bad.

One piece of really bad news today was hearing that our teeny tiny town's fire house had a fire and lost all their fire trucks and fire fighting equipment.  Early reports are saying it was some type of explosions of some equipment in one of the trucks.  Oxygen tank perhaps?  I don't know, but for the next week or so our fire protection will be very compromised. (These are a couple pictures I snagged from Facebook.)Gordon FD fire not my pictureGordon FD fire not my picture


Peaceful said...

I like that deer in the woods photo-so lush!
man that fire was bad :(

CAROLDEE said...

Sis so glad you KNOW which mushrooms are okay to eat. They do look neat though all kinds of them. Having a whole fire dept go down in flames is such a tragic thing.I do know the equipment is so very expensive. Hope things will be okay in the area so they are not needed right away. Nice shots of the deer. Surprised it was alone. :-)