April 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up
Last week my oldest cousin passed away and we went to her visitation on Saturday.  So sad knowing she was all alone when she passed away.  But like so many families, it was one of those times everyone was together again and it was nice catching up with everyone's lives.  

We stopped to visit with Jim's brother but he wasn't home so I visited his dogs...Tuffy and Sugar. 

Sunday was actually a nice spring day so we went out in the country for a walk and then stopped at an antique store.  Browsed around but didn't find anything I couldn't live without.  On the way back we stopped at McDonalds for ice cream!  Really a nice treat for $1. 

Bummed out at the Badgers lost to Kentucky last night, but it was fun following them this year. They should be good again next year!  On Wisconsin!
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Beth said...

I am sorry that you had to face another loss in your family so soon. This happens way too often as we grow older.

I love the ice cream from McDonald's. It really is a good bargain for the money.

CAROLDEE said...

Sorry for your loss Sis..I know it gets hard when you keep losing family members. Our family has dwindled down a lot too.The doggies are cute, I wonder if they told that you came by? LOL Mcdonald's ice cream is my treat too. I love it..used to take mom there at least once a week. The local parlor costs at least 2.50 for a single cone. Can by it at the store for that. I agree that the day was nice, I walked our 3 acres for the first time and picked up sticks..only touched the many more to go. HUGS..