April 13, 2014

Wow, where did that week go?  I've got to say the days go by so fast, now that I'm feeling better again.  It's so much fun going shopping and browsing without thinking about how much pain I'm in.  We've been out walking again, although my physical therapist advised me not to go too often or too far yet.  She wants me to gradually work up to walking every day.  Right now I'm able to go about a mile but only five times a week.  

We've been going around to some of our favorite antique stores.   I always look for old Christmas and greeting cards and I scored a box full for $3.50 on Friday.  I won't buy individual cards, it's got to be a bunch of them for not a lot of money.  This box fit the bill with 90 cards in it!

We're still holding off on going to the cabin.  On Friday I saw there's still 17" of snow on the ground.  No reason to rush up there and then think why did we come here?  That and in just over a week I'll be off on my first travel adventure of the year.  I'm so excited about another year of traveling with my friend Betty.  We have so much fun together.  We may even add another trip in August taking us to Canada again. That would be three years in a row and the first one for me without being in pain!  See why I can't wait?

Have a good week everyone.


JennyD said...

Ah ha! I skidded in first in line!

Wow, you're up to a mile! Cindy, you give me pure inspiration, honestly you do. I was a good walker prior to this knee surgery but I need to remember that I'm only a week out and shouldn't get so frustrated. When I read what you're doing now, that gives me everything I need to know it will be the same here if I just give it the time. I'm still using ice and couldn't do without it yet and just getting to the upstairs wears me out, haha. Following directions, though and will be ok down the road.

Back to your cards! They are really beautiful....but did you have to call them old? Omg, I remember a few of those! Old & vintage, did we ever think?

You travels with Betty are a real dream. I'm glad you're not going to your cabin with all that snow; not because of the weather but for the risk of slipping. Better to be in great shape for the Betty Travels! Take lots and lots of pics, ok? I'll be living vicariously through you, ;)

SO good to see you, Cindy!

Nancy said...

Yay, score on the cards! I remember them too lol Jen.
Good to hear you are doing better and better. Now I wonder where you and Betty are going to soon. Hmm?? Have lots of fun my friend!

CAROLDEE said...

CONGRATS on the mile.. I admire your strength and ability to heal quickly. The world awaits you and Betty..Hope you have many fine adventures. Better check on that snow is raining a lot and I would think that most of that snow is now gone. Take care