April 14, 2014

See that red dot? That's approximately where our cabin is located. I sure hope this prediction is wrong!  Spring will never arrive at this rate, the 7 feet of frost will never come out of the ground and it will be the Fourth of July before we can plant a garden!  Winter, please go away!!!!!!


JennyD said...

8" to 11", OH MY GOSH! You're not kidding. If that hits, you won't see the cabin until next summer! I'm really glad you're not going this time. Save the hip for the Betty Trip :D


Nancy said...

11" in April. Who would've thought.

CAROLDEE said...

Sis this is shocking..I know winter will just never end but that prediction is just terrible. I had forgotten that the cabin was so far UP in the state. Yes, save your energy for your trip,guess the cabin will have to wait until MAY. We got barely an inch here overnight and I am grateful, no shoveling for me!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

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