April 4, 2014

Today we went to the Amish store and then to the Salemville Cheese House.  We bought some blue cheese crumbles, 8 year aged cheddar, some curds and Jim got some pepper cheese...not my cup of tea at all, but love the others.  It was just like any other cheese factory, except all the workers that we saw were Amish and they get their milk from them too.  They sold lots of different kinds, but the only ones they make there are blue and Gorgonzola.

On our way back we stopped at our new favorite place for a fish fry.  Mmmmm mmmmm good food!

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CAROLDEE said...

Do not like pepper jack either I think it is an acquired taste. I do love colby and monterey and most other cheeses though. They sure do have some strange things for sale in those stores. I went to one in LUDINGTON Mi and was so shocked at just what they sold in there. Have a nice weekend. Be back soon here I hope. :-)

JennyD said...

Oh boy, Cindy's here :D And of course you got here when I was gone for surgery, haha.

I see where you said you like to keep the blog upbeat and happy, and you always did, but Cindy, sometimes life just isn't and it's healthy to pour it out, either in small spurts or huge ones. After all, look at ALL the years the same group has kept in touch by blogging. We may not be face to face but that doesn't mean we aren't friends --- and friends listen and offer shoulders. It's only right. So put that in Jim's pepper cheese and smoke it --- I'm with him, LOVE spicy cheeses. Shoot, love all cheese. I can take the hot sauce bottle all by itself ;)

How's the hip now? Did it take long before you could get around without a walker or a cane? Don't you hate when you can't do something for a while? Drives me crazy.

I was so, so sorry to hear about your brother, Bruce. I hate cancer; Mom died of 4 types. It seems to take so many from us now, or is it that it's the same as it's always been, but talked about now. Don't know, but hate it just the same.
Then your cousin died, too. You've had your share lately, Cindy. Plus Molly. You must be incredibly strong to make it through all of that in such a short period of time. You're definitely hero material...or heroine, rather, but you know what I mean. A good woman is what you are. Go get Jim and tell him to give you a hug. I'm sending a virtual one as I type.

Don't give up the ghost on blogging. Do it when you feel like it, but don't quit.