May 31, 2013

The nasty little bugs appeared yesterday so this morning we took our walk out in the bird sanctuary.  It's in the open and there was lots of wind today so the little buggers didn't bother us.  Now we wait for the dragonflies to hatch and watch them gobble up all the little bugs.

But something totally weird happened when we were walking.  You know I always wear cheaters and I have a pair in every jacket I wear.  Well, we're walking along and I noticed this little pine tree growing right on the edge of the road.  I mean right on the edge.  

It caught my eye because it had so much new growth on it.  As I got closer, I see a pair of my glasses laying in the branches of the little tree!  

Well, I'll be damned!  A week or so ago, I knew I lost a pair but had no idea where.  Some other walker must have found them and placed them in the tree hoping the owner would find them.   They aren't scratched, bent or broken, just ready to wear again.  What are the odds?


Horst in Edmonton said...

Totally amazing to find a pair of your glasses in a tree. I think that 's fantastic. Someone new that you would have a look at that tree. How great is that. :-))

Peaceful said...

wow thats neat!!
and oh how I love to watch those dragons eat those bugs!!