May 13, 2013

I'm going to attempt to blog like the old days.  I'm sure I'll still have days with just a collage, but if there's something interesting going on here, I'll share.  I found a new app that seems to work pretty good on my iPad.  So to start things off I'm going to share a celebrity sighting I had today.
We decided to go into town for breakfast at the little cafe today.  We were all done with our meal when I saw some other people come in.  I immediately recognized one of the women and as she walked past our table I said "Hi Donna!"  She stopped, looked at me and I explained that we see her on TV all the time.  She says, well you're not from around here.  I tell her we're from Madison and have a cabin in Gordon.  Come to find out, she does too.  Donna occasionally appears on a local 5:00 news show with tips and ideas to eat healthier.  I did a couple google searches on her and found out she's one of many, University of Wisconsin media experts. She's the one in green.

We always get a kick out of watching the guy in the middle chow down on the foods Donna fixes.
As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day we had to take a trip to the local correctional center today.

Nah, not what you're thinking. Actually it was to pick up some trees at the DNR's storage site.  Last week a crew was here planting pines and the trees we picked up today were tamarack that Jim's going to plant

Like it says on the box...Trees can't run for their lives only you can prevent forest fires.


CAROLDEE said...

Looks great to me.. I am liking it a lot..I bet she was taken aback because most people don't just talk to celebs etc..LOL .. Looks like Jim will be busy.. Molly looks ready for a rest break. Nice blog!! P.S. I can't get my photos to be larger either when you click on them. Bummer.

Cindy said...


I'll try to insert the pictures as big as possible. I can't find anything that will make them clickable. :(

Nancy said...

How cool your day was. I hope your trees grow well. Molly is a sweetie.