This week in the Northland

Most every day on our travels we cross the St. Croix River.  Jim always slows down so I can check for eagles and other things near the water.  Friday night I saw one out on the little island in the middle of the river and then on Saturday there was another one in the same place.


When I crossed the river on Saturday I noticed some guys in a canoe, so I pulled over to take their picture.  

I asked them if they’d had any luck and the guy said he had one on the line right now, but didn’t know what it was.  So as they go under the bridge, he’s reeling in his fish.  He gives out a whoop and says it’s a walleye!  Cool!  
P1100843I asked him to hold it up so I could take a picture.  He was more than happy to oblige.


That was exciting and he said it would be good eating for supper that night.  No doubt! 

A couple other exciting things happened this week. We saw our first fawn of the year.  Very small and probably only a few days old.  Another first was finding an endangered wildflower.  We were walking along a dirt road when I saw a pale purple flower growing along the edge.  I had no idea what it was and when I got back home, I checked my field guide, with no luck.  So I sent a picture of it to a friend and she told me all about it.  It’s a wild clematis, an endangered flower and she wanted to go see it so she could register the sighting with the US Forest Service.  It really is a pretty flower.   
P1100787Nesting News

Bluebirds and tree swallows are sitting in the nest boxes.  Phoebe is in her usual spot.  Mrs. Robin picked a very strange tree for her nest and the sapsucker has drilled out a hole for her brood.   Always something going on around here…and I love it all!P1100664P1100666


GreatGranny said...

You do have such an interesting place to live and to add the fish was so nice, making me want to fish again.

Nancy said...

A wonderful week you had. Wild Clematis? How very cool you found it! Love the photos! Fishing...looks fun.

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

Always look forward to interesting pictures of the wildlife up there. They are so nice.

Peaceful said...

Beautiful yellow on that fish, Love that sapsucker :)
Enjoy your photos very much

Beth said...

I love walleye. that was a big one too. The pictures are all very good.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Awesome photos Cindy. Love the fish photo. I have a wild Clematis here in my yard, but it is a little different that yours. The petals on the flower is a little bigger on yours.

Cindy said...

@Horst...when we went back a few days later, the blossoms were larger and much darker in color. Very pretty both days.

texwisgirl said...

thanks for finding my blog today. of course i had to follow you 'home' to see your place. ESPECIALLY since you're in Wisconsin. scenes like yours make me a bit homesick, but it also keeps me connected to the northern life, so i'm going to follow along. :)

Sherry said...

Bill would love to catch a fish like that. Do you guys do much fishing in your pond? The other day on our way to Madison we saw a fawn on the side of the road. Sadly though it had been hit by a car...poor thing. Lucky find on the flower, hope it pollinates.

Tammy said...

I love the canoe shot. You are so good at telling the stories behind your shots. I'd love for you to link up with me for the behind the camera meme I am trying to get off the ground. Your posts are a perfect fit :)