Caught in the Act

No surprise in catching the raccoon in the feeder.  We didn’t know he used the faux tree to gain access, but we do now.  Notice the coffee cans in each feeder.SUNP0127


Now it’s on the ground, but it wasn’t enough to stop Mr. Coon from eating the sunflower seeds.


SUNP0132So now we have to decide if we want to leave the faux tree there for the birds or take it down to keep Mr. Coon from raiding the feeder.  Most likely it will stay.


Beth said...

I think the coon pics are cute, even though he is a pest. I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen the pics.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Hi Cindy, have you thought of putting the faux tree a little farthur away so as to make it more difficute for the coon to get at the feeder.

Dave said...

I'd say it would be easier to move the feeder over about two feet

Nancy said...

Oh that waskel! Maybe put ah can of water on top of the feeder? It's good the cam caught him in action, lol.

Sherry said...

They are as bad as squirrels aren't they. Glad you caught him red handed, now it's time to put the burglar behind bars lol.