Signs of Spring

Whenever we’re out for a walk I keep my eyes open looking for any sign of spring.  On Monday I finally saw some wildflowers!  It was just a day after seeing snow on this ground cover.  P1100264

Here they are!  Rue Anemone…the prettiest flowers this spring, mainly because they were the first.


Today while driving back to the cabin, Jim spotted this little fox along the edge of a pond.  P1100282-1We pulled over, shut the car off and I started taking pictures.  It was really cool the way it laid down and watched me!


 P1100285 P1100296Just like the deer, it’s coat is all faded out too. 


We got a daytime picture of what we think is the bear that visited us the other night.  PICT0036It’s possible that Jim scared it away for awhile.  He bobby trapped the bird feeder by setting a plastic coffee can full of water in it.  We’re thinking it went something like this…Mr.  Bear comes along and heads over to the bird feeder (which is hinged to tip). Usually the hinged top prevents the bear from breaking the whole thing.  Anyway, when it stood up to eat the seed, the feeder tray tipped and the cold water (hopefully) dumped all over Mr. Bear.  We didn’t see this happen, but we haven’t seen him since the morning the coffee container was laying empty on the ground.


Beth said...

I love the pictures. The first one would make a lovely Christmas card and the one of the fox is so cute. Betcha he is not as nice as he looks though.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Lovely photos, Cindy.

This is for Beth, Foxes do what Foxes do, they are not bad or good, they are just Foxes. Only us humans put labels on animals. If we humans don't like what they do, we say they are bad, but they are not.

Tammy said...

Things are getting exciting up there Cindy!

As for the fox...we have had many around here. They have walked right passed me in the woods. They have no interest in me at all, they are usually intent on hunting mice and such.

Nancy said...

Love the pics. How cute the fox laid low. Jim may have found ah way to keep the bear away. Cold water will do it huh? So glad something is showing signs of Spring for you.

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

Love the pictures. Don't see many foxes around here, though did see one last year going up the hill across from the highway. Guess the bear didn't like getting his face washed, lol.