Still Waiting for Spring

I’m not going to complain because at least there’s no snow (well, not much that stays around for long), but come on, this is getting really old.  I’d love to see some fresh green leaves and maybe a spring flower or two.  But nooooooo!  It’s still all brown, bleached and faded out.  Even the deer look rough.      April 30In a few weeks all this old hair will fall off and she’ll have her beautiful red summer coat on.  There’s hardly any green stuff out there for the deer and bear to eat.  On Friday night this one came by, broke one of the bird feeders and got his picture taken.  What a moon face, huh?  Time to take the feeders in each night and to keep the garbage in the shed.  Yeah, it got into that too.  April 29 Bear-1

April 29 Bear-2


Beth said...

I am waiting impatiently for spring too. what happened to it?

The bear photo is awesome!

Tammy said...

Every time I start to feel bad about our horrible spring, I think about all the people affected by the storms and tornados in the mid-west.

Love the bear! I think he was posing for the camera in that first shot.

GreatGranny said...

Love the critter photos as they look for food and Spring, no doubt.

Nancy said...

It looks dismal there. I hope you see green soon and winter shaken off finally. Some great photos Cindy!

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

Yogi looking for a picnic basket? I'm so ready for the warm weather. It was pretty nice here yesterday and Darla and Jim came down. We sat out at the picnic table and Jack lost all track of time and missed and installation meeting at the Moose. OOPS!