What a Difference

Last Friday (October 1) our new trail cam took this pretty picture.

SUNP0007-1So I thought I’d go out at approximately the same time and trip the cam to take a picture one week later. SUNP0014  
Amazing huh?  There’s hardly any leaves left on the trees around here.  It was a pretty fall, but in my opinion, way too short.

We keep moving the cams around and we’re seeing some new visitors around here.  A gray fox and a bobcat have had their pictures taken a couple nights in a row.PICT0127
SUNP0064And we’re always happy when we see the big buck’s picture.  It’s the time of year when he could make any hunter very happy.
SUNP0050This is the little guy we call Spikey.  He looks  like a Billy goat! PICT0114This morning we were sitting here looking out the window and noticed how much bigger the beaver lodge is compared to earlier in the summer.   So Jim decided we’ve seen enough deer pictures and it’s time to  move a cam out by the lodge.  He’s out there right now with a cam attached to a metal fence post, aiming it at the lodge.  Now, this should be interesting.


Lady Penelope said...

Sounds very interesting indeed, Cindy, I bet you get fantastic shots for us to share...Waiting in anticipation here.
Loved catching up with your latest shots, almost feel as if I know the wildlife now.. xPenx

Sherry said...

What a difference a week makes! That bobcat looks like he's eaten well this summer. I sure wouldn't want him stalking me that's for sure.

CAROLDEE said...

Wow you are right that was quick. I wanted a nice slow fall here too. No such luck the trees are popping color really fast! That was neat that shot of the buck, they are bow hunting here now. It's all too fast! :)

Toodie said...

One week of that beautiful view. Too short I agree. Love your wildlife photos. It should very interesting to see what goes on at the lodge. Today is day 14 of beautiful weather! No rain no clouds. Trees have turned here now and so is my pear tree (the last to turn). I'll take some photos today of something ;-)
Oh so happy to see the buck is still alive and Spike too!

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

The pictures are really neat. It sure is much to fast for such a beautiful site to disappear.

Horst in Edmonton said...

The leaves turn very fast here as well, I did notice that parts of our rural areas are still showing some leaves in yellow.There is supposed to be a lot of wind today so I would imagine that the leaves will come off the trees very quickly now.

Beth said...

The photos of the lovely trees are beautiful. The trees here are just now changing quickly and soon the snow will fly.

Ramblingon said...

I have to say the leaf colors were glorious. The animals are too. Lovely and always interesting.