Dam Cam

After getting a new trail cam last week, we decided to move the other one down by the dam.  Jim used a bungee cord and attached it to a pitch fork for easy maneuvering.  But mainly because we knew this was just a test to see if we could get a picture of one of the beavers working on the dam.  The first night we got a bad picture of a beaver swimming past the cam.  As the temperature dropped it caused the lens to fog up and we didn’t get any other pictures until after the lens cleared around 11:00 the next morning. 

So yesterday Jim repositioned the cam, moving it back some and aiming it right at the dam.  One problem.  The beavers sealed just about every leak in the dam and no water was coming over it, but  Jim changed that!  He made a small indentation in the mud, causing water to go rushing over it.  We think the sound of running water makes the beavers crazy!  Anyway it worked and we got pictures of this small beaver fixing the leak.

First it had to check out the situation.PICT0042

Then it swam off and came back with a branch to add to the mud.

It did a little more swimming around, gathered a few more branches, then turned and smiled at the camera!   LOL


It did some more repair work, but hasn’t finish up yet.   You can see on the right side of this picture, there’s still water running over the dam.  This may be a slightly confusing picture.  It was very calm this morning and the trees you see are reflections from the hill on the other side.  Ignore the temperature on it.  It was cool, but not 23 degrees.  More like 33 or so.
PICT0113Trail cams are really a lot of fun.  You just never know what’s lurking around out there.  Deer, raccoons, bunnies, bear, bobcats…and now beavers.


Lady Penelope said...

OOoo, I love watching nature programme showing the working beavers, always seeming to be on the move. Looks like a lot of fun to be had there Cindy. I'll drop by and catch up with your future exploits soon. XPenx

GreatGranny said...

Like this photo and the beaver photos.Life is exciting there, love the wildlife.

Beth said...

The pictures are all great. I especially like the one with the tree reflections in the water.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Those trail cams are the greatest. If I lived in the country I deffinately would get one. Love your trail cam photos.

CAROLDEE said...

Hi Ilove them the last one is wonderful. Cold here too notnot ready yet! : (

Sherry said...

What fun Cindy. How often do we get to see close up a beaver doing his thing. Thanks for sharing with us, I love it!

Jodi said...

How fun! Enjoyed looking at your photos here greatly. :)

Toyin O. said...

Great shots!


Toodie said...

Great pics Cindy. He is smiling at the cam isn't he! The reflection in the water is so pretty. How many trail cams now, three? Very cool shots you get. I just wonder what is in our backyard at night. Oh and I did two loads of wash in two hours...ahem lol!

Elaine said...

Very cool indeed! They sure are hard working little critters. Agree with Sherry's comment about seeing them work close up.