Lodge Cam Update – The Finale

Today Jim rowed out and brought back the Lodge Cam.  We got a few more pictures of the busy beavers, but that’s enough for this year.  Next year we’ll put it back out there but first we’ll need to do some modifications so it doesn’t get too much bird poop on it.  Since last Friday there were only a few pictures worth keeping.  (Again, ignore the time and date on these pictures.)


SUNP0004These busy beavers do most of their work at night and sleep during the day.  We see them cruising around just before dark and for about an hour in the morning. 

MissBeth asked me what happens when the water freezes.  I’ll try to explain how these beavers will survive during the winter.  They build the lodge in fairly shallow water and build a food bank of sticks around the outside.  The ends of the sticks will hang below the ice so they’ll be able to munch on them during the long winter.  The lodge sits above the ice and they’re able to swim around under it and cuddle up inside so they’re not always in the water.  I think they also move around outside the lodge if the snow isn’t too deep.  This is the first year since we’ve had the cabin that beavers will be living out there all winter.  P1080969 

The nice sunny weather last week brought out some not so nice critters.  This is a deer tick…the kind that can cause Lyme’s Disease.  They really are small and easy to overlook.PA140007 
This is just a harmless garter snake, but still, snakes make me stop in my tracks.  P1080958

Last night while watching the Badgers play Ohio State we saw a real badger cross the lawn.  Too bad the trail cam didn’t get a picture of it and really too bad my camera was sitting out in the truck!  Darn it all anyway!


Sherry said...

I can't imagine having a diet of nothing but wood. Wouldn't it be fun to have a camera inside the lodge?

That was a good game yesterday wasn't it? Packers are trying to give me a nervous breakdown tho.

Beth said...

Is it time to pack up and go home or will you stay there a few weeks longer.
The beavers are interesting to watch, you really got some good pics of them.

GreatGranny said...

I didn't know the badger eats woodm some roughage there.

Cindy said...

@GreatGranny...I gotta clarify that. They just eat the bark of the limbs, not all the wood. Then they use the wood to build their lodge and to reinforce the dam. No waste in nature!

Ramblingon said...

good point for great granny. I mess up on that sometimes.

Elaine said...

Very interesting!I admit to knowing nothing (or very little) about beavers, that has changed thanks to you.

Toodie said...

I'm sure you guys will figure something out of where to put the cams next year. Oh how I detest ticks!!!!!

GreatGranny said...

Thanks, Cindy for the bark info.

Jodi said...

So the Lodge Cam has been taken down for the winter? Can't remember if that's the only cam you have or not? Those beavers are really interesting critters. I haven't seen a tick in forever and I hope that by saying so I haven't just jinxed myself. Snakes make me stop dead in my tracks too. I don't know my snakes aside from the rattlers and garter snakes. so I'm afraid of all the others. But I have to say the garter snakes are cute! Enjoyed this post. :)